6th grade Halloween writing contest winners


Asher Wilson

Writing contest winners from left to right: Avery Barngrover (1st place), Maverick Geiser (2nd place), and Kinleigh Brown (3rd place).

6th grade

1st place

“The House” by Avery Barngrover


      One day I went to school and no one was there. There were scorch marks everywhere. The rugs were torn up. The desks were torn and shattered into little pieces. I was wondering where everyone went then there was one quick flash and I was not at school anymore.

     I was in a creepy old abandoned house. There were spiderwebs everywhere. It was a very old house and one I didn’t recognize. I go looking around the house. There are no windows or doors. I’m TRAPPED. I go to the fridge and there is nothing in it. Then I go to the sink to see if it has water. It did not have water either. I hear a loud stomp. (BANG) It came from the attic.I run and try to find a basement but there is no basement. Next I hear a scream. Then a gunshot. (PEW) I ran up to see if I could save whoever screamed. I found the attic but nothing but a dead body was there. I hear something behind me. I look then black.

      When I wake up I am back at school and late for class. I tried to tell the teachers that the school was torn up and I was in an inescapable house. But they did not believe me. Some people thought I was going mad so my teachers sent me home. When I got home I told my parents what happened. They did not believe me either. They told me to go to sleep and that we will talk about it later. 

     Once I woke up I was back in the house and I saw a man in the kitchen chopping the body and getting ready to cook it.  He was chopping it like a steak. ( CHOP… CHOP… CHOP)  There was blood on his apron and more getting on it from that poor little girl. For one second I thought she was still whispering but that was the wind. I think wind is the way out. I shout YES. The man turns around and tries to catch me but I am too quick. One second he sees me, next I am back in my bed.

     My parents hear me screaming and run to my room. What’s wrong honey my mom said. I was in the house. He killed a girl. He tried to get me. As I curl up into a ball my parents say I am going to the doctors. As I go to the doctors I won’t stop thinking about the girl. Who she was. How she got there. Maybe she was like me. Having random times going to the random house. Maybe she had a loving family that does not know where she went. When I get to the doctors they check me out and say I am all good and healthy. (Flash)I am back at the house. My mom said where did he go. I don’t know but look it’s like a rift. Let’s go after him (Flash…Flash)

     I am kneeling down watching The murderer eat the child like it is a cow. Someone taps me on the back and I turn around. It’s my parents. (SHHHHH) I whisper. I told you that I’m not crazy. My parents say where are we. I like what I said in the house with no escape. That’s the murderer that killed the girl And now he is eating her. EWW said my parents. (SHHH) There are no exits but last time I was here I heard wind so that means there is an exit. The ground shakes and we fall. The man saw us. RUN. As we run and he is shooting (FLASH) we are back home. We look behind us and last I saw was blood. I wake up and  I am in the house. Our souls are trapped in the house with more souls.


2nd place

by Maverick Geiser

I was just an ordinary KitKat in a candy bowl when I heard the laughing of little kids.

“Oh dear here we go,” said a Snickers bar over on the other side of the bowl.

Before I knew it other innocent candies were getting grabbed left and right. They even took my best friend Phil the Milky Way! They even took my best best friend Tod the Tootsie Roll! Why them, just why them? Of all the candies! Then the same kid who took Tod came back and grabbed me. I felt a sharp pain in my left half when he grabbed me. Before I knew it I was making friends with more candies. I’m talking like a ton of candies but then we were dumped on a table.

“Oh no Oh no OH NOOOO!!!!” screamed a candy pumpkin who was now being eaten.

“NO TIMMY!” yelled a Twizzler.

This was not right. The kid started taking off the wrappers of Tootsie Rolls, Fruit ty the Foot, and even Twizzlers! What kind of psychopath eats Twizzlers anymore? All of these innocent candies were being eaten right in front of my eyes then just as we thought it was over they took Tod and ripped off his wrapper and ate him head first.


“Tod was a good candy” said a Milky Way, “He was like a brother to me.”

Then the kid grabbed me. I couldn’t believe it! He started to open my wrapper but then he showed mercy and threw me down. I felt my left side crumble when I landed. But I saw he had little sisters and they massacred everyone there until I was the last one.

“OooooOooo” said one of them, “I missed one!”

“No it’s mine!” piped the other.

“HEY GIVE IT BACK OR I’M TELLING MOMMY!” said the first one.

She ripped off my wrapper and slowly put me in her mouth and bit me. And that is how I ended up here, in the stomach.


3rd place

“I am Twix” by Kinleigh Brown

Hello there! My name is Twix! I have a little secret to tell you…. Well maybe a huge secret to tell you that absolutely nobody knows! I am not a real candy bar I am actually a very very tiny human so that is why I have to stay safe to not get eaten. Oops! I wasn’t supposed to tell you that but I guess it will be okay. As long as you do not tell absolutely anyone! I believe that you can keep a secret. 

Well anyways right now I am hiding in the bottom of a candy basket on Halloween night. I made sure to get to the bottom so the chances of me being eaten is very small. For some reason on Halloween night, when all the kids are out trick or treating, someone always takes me! But in the end it is okay because I find my way out and go back to my favorite place, The Candy Store! 

But then I end up getting purchased and put into a new basket… again…  and again and again and on and on and on. 

Right now I do not like where I live. I live with an older woman, Debby, she is nice and all but she is just kind of lazy so once when I fell on the floor I stayed there for 2 hours! I have only been here for like 3 hours though so that means that I have been on her disgusting floor for ⅔ of the time I have been here. Well trick or treating does not start until 6pm where Debby lives so it looks like I have one hour to “explore”. Or I could bust out of this joint but we will see. It is not very comfortable tucking your legs into a candy bar, and I could not even tell you how many times I have melted! 

Okay now let’s try to go explore Debbie’s house! The chances of me getting caught is low but never zero! Okay! Phew, I jumped out but I have to be careful because I almost got attacked by Debbies little Yorkie and to me those things are dinosaurs! Suddenly I walk into this room with this big, comfy, tall, object in the middle of a room. So I am going to maybe take a nap…….30 minutes later…….. O.M.G! That was the best nap EVERRR!!! Hah sorry I love to be dramatic! 

Anyways I have to hurry and bust out before the trick or treaters start coming around! I walk out of the room and see Debby getting ready to open the door, so I sprint as fast as I can to get through there! And I made it! Wow it looks really cool in the outside world. Those lucky normal humans…. (sigh) I am just happy I got out of here before I got eaten. I am sure you do not understand but when you are a candy bar, like me, getting eaten is the last thing that you want to do. I run over to a bush and take off my wrapper, feeling the melted chocolate start to freeze up from the temperature. “Burrrr” I say as quietly as possible. I wanted to put it back on but it was… ripped….. I start freaking out, shaking, and at this point I should just get eaten. I hate being a chocolate bar and that’s a straight up fact! I walk out into a gravel road and then boom! I see a big truck driving over me. “That was the scariest thing of my life!” And I head back to Debbie’s house to get eaten. I scream as loud as I can to get anyones attention and boom. A little child grabs it and in I go. And that’s the story of the Twix bar.