Education Professions cadet teaching


photo by Ella Hudson

Junior Evalei Brooks practicing her lesson in front of the Ed Professions class.

This year the school offered an amazing class in which students could go and teach in other classrooms. This class is called Education Professions I. These students have been in different classrooms for the entire school year for the first two class hours of the day. In these classes they work to serve the teachers as cadet teachers. That basically means that they are an extra aide in that class that doesn’t get paid in money, but rather in experiences. Nine high school students have been serving in all different grade levels ranging from Pre-K to 7th grade. For their final this year, they are planning and teaching an entire lesson for their students. Here is a look at what the Ed Professions students will be teaching.


Evalei Brooks– Evi has been teaching second grade and gave her lesson on April 27. She taught them about data analysis with picture graphs. She did this through the actual students’ data so that they can see how it directly applies to the graph and their lives. 


Lilly Cadwallader– Lilly will be teaching her fourth grade class on May 10. They will be learning about plays and folktales and learning how to make their own plays based on classical ones. 


Nikita Lear– Nikita is teaching Pre-K/K Spec Ed on May 12. Her lesson is about colors and the numbers 1 – 10. 


Keslyn Salmeron– Keslyn is teaching her fourth grade students on May 11. She is teaching them about the structures of a play and the different elements that go into it. 


Noah Scowden– Noah will be teaching Mrs. Gasser’s first two classes of sixth grade on May 16. He is teaching them how to find the area of a trapezoid. 


Bethany Yoder– Bethany is teaching kindergarten and is doing her lesson on May 4. She is teaching about frogs and the frog life cycle. She also has a cute craft to supplement her lesson. 


Ella Hudson– Ella has been teaching in the first grade and taught her first real lesson on April 26. She read her students The Grouchy Ladybug and also taught them about clocks. 


Mckenzie Sandifur– Mckenzie is teaching her kindergarten class on May 5. She is also teaching about frogs and their life cycles. She is also including a craft in her lesson.


In all, this class has been a great way for students to get hands-on experience for teaching. It has taught them all of the components that go into teaching and helped them reaffirm their calling to become teachers. It has been a great way for these students to get teaching experiences while still in high school and has taught them some of the building blocks of how to be a great teacher. “I am really proud of these students and all of the hard work and progress that they have made this year,” said Miss Dowell.