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Graphic by Elah Abbott

America’s best water brands

Kylie McLeland, Staff Writer September 21, 2022

Personally, I am very passionate when it comes to what kind of water is the best for consumption. There are so many factors to take into consideration such as the temperature of the water, the brand, whether...

Mrs. Murrays phone jail sits in the front of her room.

New phone rule surprisingly refreshing

Kylie McLeland, Staff Writer September 7, 2022

Phones have become an issue that has been difficult to contain. In the past, students have been reluctant to give up what they see as their personal right to carry a prized possession everywhere they go,...

High school advice from a senior

High school advice from a senior

Ava Charnley, Staff writer April 21, 2022

Senior year approaches faster than what one might think, and oftentimes we are left at a stand still, wishing we knew what to do. You can read a self-help book, a magazine, ask someone who has graduated,...

Spring Break is almost here! While enjoying your vacation, you should find some ways to make it unique. Do something out of the ordinary to distinguish your trip from the monotony on others.

Predicting your Spring Break plans

Elyse Perry, editor March 9, 2022

Spring Break is upon us again, and with it, the same stories we hear every year about the exact same trip to the exact same place with the exact same chain of events. It seems to me like we all follow...

Places to avoid this spring break

Places to avoid this spring break

Elliott Kelly, staff writer March 9, 2022

Every spring break the students of Delphi travel across the country, and some even further beyond, but for some of them the locations of their travels are mistakes. There are some destinations that are...

Celebrities and professional athletes are paid an proportionately larger amount than teachers and other essential service workers.

Society places too much value on entertainers

Elyse Perry, editor March 2, 2022

When most people think about the careers that keep our country running, the first jobs they think of are teachers, farmers, doctors, and emergency service workers. After all, those are the people that...

Student Shout-out: Kiss, Marry, Kill with fictional characters

Student Shout-out: Kiss, Marry, Kill with fictional characters

Ava Charnley, Staff writer February 23, 2022

Many of us have fond memories of games we used to play as a child such as Uno, Guess Who, and Kiss, Marry, Kill. So, I decided to ask a few students from DCHS what fictional characters they would kiss,...

Our changing learning environment and what you need to know

Our changing learning environment and what you need to know

Ava Charnley, Staff writer February 11, 2022

House Bill 1134, and others with similar language, are education bills in the Indiana State legislature waiting to be voted on. The content of the bills is causing an uproar among teachers throughout the...

The inside of the Cornerstone Cafe. Photo provided by Ella Hudson.

Top 10 local restaurants

Ella Hudson, Staff writer February 9, 2022

Want to explore the best local restaurants in town? Well, next time your tummy is all grumbly, read this article and branch out of your normal culinary delights to try something new. You have probably...

Ag article

Ag classes are important

Emily Mears, assistant editor January 26, 2022

In high school, the majority of the academic focus is on the math, English, and science departments. Those students striving for an academic honors diploma are desperate to take as many core classes as...

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