Snoracles 4/28

Ask Abby Mears what president was addicted to jelly beans. 

Ask Tylene McKenzie  about dominating in French Jeopardy. 

Ask Annika Stevens how to get to Adam’s house. 

Ask Jamison Armstrong about adopting a spouse. 

Ask Mia Wilson about the top 10 times Emily Mears has been correct. 

Ask Clayton Duff about goldfish.

Ask Cade Nelson how to go up stairs.

Ask Jayla Justice about her fall at the tennis match.

Ask Cade Nelson about [Cooper’s] beautiful children. 

Ask Lacey Pickering why she received death threats. 

Ask Cooper Cross about his electrical chair problems. 

Ask Jenna Roth and Evann Royal about space balls. 

Ask Parnassus Group 2 (aka Cooper, Maguire, Emma, and Lacey) about what kind of music Cooper listens to. 

Ask Cade Nelson about Hamilton. 

Ask Mia Wilson what Coash Gasser thinks about her eating habits.

Ask Mr. Mroczkiewicz about his high school doppelgänger. 

Ask Caitlyn Snavely about her graduation gift.