Ask Mia Wilson about the dog pee.  

Ask Asher Wilson about Stacey. 

Ask Abby Mears if you need a license to drive a golf cart. 

Ask Ryn Zimpfer about her main target in practice and her AP Bio assignment.

Ask Braydn Gleason about how to use a lawn chair. 

Ask Landen Rubright the “Infinity Question.”

Ask Mr. Kochman’s 8th hour about Bible studies.

Ask Ava Duval about her tennis rant. 

Ask Brasen Starbuck about his snack dealer. 

Ask the track team about random guys and their questions.

Ask Abby O’Neil which vaccine she got.

Ask Sam Brown about sneakily donating blood.

Ask Avery Bartholomew what her name is.

Ask Bethany Yoder why she didn’t want to smell Señora’s freshly-picked flowers.