Middle school library to be renamed Abby and Libby Memorial Library


photo by Mia Wilson

With a few updates and a name change, the middle school is hoping to promote reading and remember Abby and Libby.

Six years after the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German, the Delphi Community Middle School library is being renamed the Abby and Libby Memorial Library in their honor. The idea came from finding a line in the budget set aside to use as a memorial. Instead of using the preexisting fund to purchase a bench or dormant object in the honor of the girls, they chose to rename the library. They wanted something that would stand the test of time and something to impact the students and so the library became the obvious choice. As DCMS principal Josh Long said, “This is something that will continue to grow.”


Along with the name change, there will be other upgrades. Part of those updates include new furniture, signage, and having some of Abby and Libby’s favorite titles. Next year they also have plans to start an Abby and Libby Memorial Library Fundraiser where the whole school participates and all the money accumulated from that would go to more library upgrades such as more furniture, more books, and/or more bookshelves. Gradually, they are looking to upgrade the entire library. 


While this is a work in progress, there are still aspects that need to be approved by the school board. Due to this, the library won’t be completed until the fall. Along with this will be a dedication day. “We want to make this a big deal that it is now the Abby and Libby Memorial Library,” said Long. 


“This was a collective effort. We really wanted to make sure this was supported by everyone,” stated Mr. Long. “It’s a big topic, and a difficult topic, because it is so close to a lot of people’s hearts.” 


As middle school librarian Mrs. Kremer said, “Renaming the middle school library is going to be a great way to remember Abby and Libby.  They both, especially Abby, spent a lot of time here.  Six years ago, their friends and classmates made origami birds to hang around the library in their honor. The birds are still there, but naming the library The Abby and Libby Memorial Library will be a much longer lasting tribute to both of them.”