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DCHS alumnus Bella Smith makes Navy history

Elyse Perry, editor October 13, 2021

On Sept. 3, DCHS alumnus Bella Smith graduated from Navy basic training at Great Lakes, Illinois. Bella, along with her class, made history as the first ever all female staff division with a female saying...

Hudson family map of United States

A traveler’s guide to 49 states

Ella Hudson, Staff writer October 6, 2021

Feeling inspired to travel? Here are some tips about the states from a girl who has been to most of them. From sunny days, to hail and sand storms, every state is unique and has something memorable to...

Alex Smith and Matthew Sense are two DCHS students learning the skill of welding.

Trade school and apprenticeships offer amazing opportunities

Ava Charnley, Staff writer October 6, 2021

Many students are now encouraged to go to college after graduating high school. However, college is not the only way to further your education; trade school also allows you to further your skill set. The...

Art Club fundraiser

Art Club fundraiser

Ava Charnley, Staff writer September 30, 2021

Art Club is selling tie dye t-shirts to raise funds. Order yourself a shirt to support and represent the Art Club. Each shirt is $15.00 and you have the option to tie dye it yourself or have another student...

Student shout out: What’s your favorite mac and cheese?

Student shout out: What’s your favorite mac and cheese?

Elyse Perry , editor September 29, 2021

Macaroni and cheese is one of the most basic staples in every American household. It is one of those foods that we have all grown up with and hold close to our hearts. However, the way we make it can lead...

Boys Tennis Conference Meet 9/18

Cade Nelson, photographer September 25, 2021

Post Oreo Os are just one of many delicious cereals that are no longer available.

Discontinued cereals that deserve redemption

Ella Hudson, Staff writer September 22, 2021

It’s always a sad day when you run to the grocery store, run to the cereal aisle, and see the aisle barren before you. The Cocoa Krispies that you have been craving all day aren’t there. So imagine...

Picture provided by Emily Mears.

The 9/11 disconnect

Ava Charnley, Staff writer September 22, 2021

Sept. 11, 2001 was a day that would change the course of history and the everyday lives of many Americans. The regulations on flights, the entrance into government buildings, customs, trades, immigration,...

Clubs offered at DCHS

Clubs offered at DCHS

Elyse Perry, editor September 15, 2021

Every year, DCHS offers a wide variety of clubs and extracurricular activities. These groups cover many different areas of focus and there is something for every interest. Below is a complete list of the...

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