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Mia and her mom at the start of their journey across America.

DCHS senior takes high school on the road

Ella Hudson, Staff writer November 16, 2022

When it comes to school, most people think of learning within the brick walls that surround classrooms. But for others, school isn’t a place, it’s an online learning experience or hands-on learning...

LMC gets a tree for the IKC Christmas tree contest

Student Shoutout: When is too early to decorate for Christmas?

Rebecca Kelly, Staff Writer November 15, 2022

When is it too early to start decorating for Christmas? It’s an age-old question that is still debated today. Many people differ in their opinions and many people believe firmly in their opinions.  I...

2022 Veterans Day Program

Cade Nelson, Photographer November 14, 2022

Photos from DCHS Photography class

Cade Nelson, Photographer November 11, 2022

With the addition of professional photographer Briana Griffey as DCHS' new photography teacher, students are able to learn and understand professional tips and tricks that can help them take their...

DCHS welcomes Ms. Evans

DCHS welcomes Ms. Evans

Kylie McLeland, Staff Writer November 8, 2022

As a new quarter begins for this school year, DCHS welcomes a new teacher to the staff. Ms. Evans is the new English 12 and AP Language teacher. Ms. Evans attended Indiana State University, where she received...

The now senior class (23) from back when they were 6th graders.

How to survive hanging out with 6th graders

Ella Hudson, Staff writer November 2, 2022

When you try to interact with people either older or younger than you, you are always bound to run into issues. Whether it's the fact that you don’t understand your senior’s jokes or try to unravel...

Overrated Halloween costumes

Overrated Halloween costumes

Kylie McLeland, Staff Writer October 26, 2022

It’s that time of year again when the annual freak out comes: what to wear for Halloween. Personally, I feel like I see the same costumes repeated year after year. Here are some overrated costumes that...

Some of the options of Halloween candy at our local stores.

Shoutout: Best candies to get when Trick-or-Treating

Ella Hudson, Staff writer October 12, 2022

When going trick-or-treating, every kid hopes for that one special candy at every single house they visit. It’s on North Street that most of these dreams come true with kids lined up the whole block...

Powderpuff 2022

Cade Nelson, Photographer September 23, 2022

graphic by Maguire Thompson

Most anticipated book releases this fall

Emily Mears, Editor September 21, 2022

Fall is debatably the best season. There is nothing better than sweatshirt weather, the crisp air, apple cider, and curling up with a good read. Not to mention the new books that come out during this time....

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