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  • March 9March 24th - 31st is Spring Break!



ACOSTA allowed students to express themselves outside of the traditional essay.

DCHS English department hosts inaugural Celebration of Self Through the Arts

Emily Mears, Editor March 14, 2023

This I Believe came to Delphi seven years ago when the English teachers were sitting at a department meeting before the first day of school doing some goal setting. Through this, they decided they wanted...

Prior to the trip, the students and their parents met with Ms. Isaacs to insure everyone was on the same page.

Eleven DCHS students spending Spring Break in France and Italy

Emily Mears, Editor March 13, 2023

In the fall of 2021, DCHS students were presented with the opportunity to travel to Paris to learn more about the culture and see some of the famous landmarks. Ms. Isaacs, who has previously sponsored...

The potential view of a Spring Break location.

Where do teachers go for Spring Break?

Ella Hudson, Staff writer March 10, 2023

When looking forward to Spring Break, we are often obsessed with learning about where our fellow classmates are going. Florida, Arizona, or Mexico, it seems that everyone is in a rush to get away from...

Guess who? – Hands edition

Cade Nelson, Photographer March 9, 2023

A picture of the view at the Sunset Point trail in Delphi.

Unpopular opinion (sadly): Go outside!

Ella Hudson, Staff writer March 8, 2023

Sunlight streams through open windows unnoticed. Birds chirp wildly and freely into the open streets. Deers graze unbothered through the open fields and narrow paths of forests. Instead they are watched...

Modern States dashboard with just some of the classes you could possibly take.

CLEP tests: What are they and why should seniors care?

Ella Hudson, Staff writer February 22, 2023

When thinking about college, you may get overwhelmed with the thought of all of the classes that you will have to take. Usually your first two years of college are your general education classes, and then...

Throwback: Our favorite childhood TV shows

Throwback: Our favorite childhood TV shows

Rebecca Kelly, Staff Writer February 21, 2023

Growing up we all spent hours on end staring at our tvs. Friday nights, the night new episodes of all of our favorite Disney and Nickelodeon shows were released, we would all be glued to the screens to...

Your life is what you make it

Your life is what you make it

Ella Hudson, Staff writer February 8, 2023

You're running late to school and you haven’t studied a lick for your math test. You didn’t do any of your homework from the night before because you were watching Tik-Tok, and all of a sudden your...

Post graduation plans

Post graduation plans

Emily Mears, Editor February 1, 2023

With graduation only a few months away, it’s leaving seniors wondering the simple questions of “What's next?” There are countless options ranging from joining the military to going into the workforce...

Student Shoutout: Favorite Desserts

Student Shoutout: Favorite Desserts

Rebecca Kelly, Staff Writer January 25, 2023

The best way to end any dinner or to cap off the end of a long day is to indulge in eating dessert. Sitting down with a bowl of ice cream, a slice of cake, or a fresh baked cookie is a guaranteed way to...

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