Schedule change to come next year


Students are scheduling for next year’s classes, but the 6th period Power Hour will be scheduled later.

For the 2022-2023 school year, DCHS experimented with eight period days to allow students to take more classes. After one year though, the school is rethinking the schedule. After talking with both students and teachers, the administration decided to make a change and keep the eight hour day but do something creative with it.

The 2023-2024 school year will institute a Power Hour during 6th period every day. During Power Hour, students will get to take part in an elective 9 week course. Teachers were asked to create a course about something that would interest both the teacher and a part of our student population. For instance, Mrs. Tonsoni will host a silent reading and book discussion course. Mrs. Hamilton really enjoys learning about the stock market so she wants to have a class where you explore the stock market, and Mrs.Miller is going to have a class where students can watch and discuss medical shows. There may even be an option to sign up to mentor elementary students during this time.

Sophomore Ashlynn Martin said, “I am very excited for this new change. It gives us a chance to try something new.”

This new schedule offers many potential benefits. First of all, students are given the opportunity to learn something new that might not be in a typical academic class. Students can also explore new areas without having to take the class the whole year, and if an elective class didn’t fit into their schedule normally, they could take the Power Hour equivalent of that class. Another benefit is that students can become more aware of the different things in the world around them in a new way, allowing them to become more well rounded. 

Mrs.Kirkwood said, “Personally, my hope is that students learn to not be anxious about trying something outside their comfort zone. They have nothing to lose by trying something new in Power Hour.” 

“The goal is to promote lifelong learning skills. This is a trait that will serve everyone well. Learning does not have to be just English, math, and science. It can be hands-on learning, finding a hobby, or merely finding new books of interest to read.  It could also be English, math and science in a completely different way.  It’s a chance to step outside of your comfort zone and learn!” said Mrs.Kirkwood.


Check your email for the “Lifelong learning form,” and fill it out soon if you haven’t already.