Ask Jamison Armstrong how he made $30.

Ask Mr. M about the vape and the quiet game in speech.

Ask Speech about the silent game. 

Ask Avery Bartholomew about lettuce club.

Ask Mrs. Pickering about the gnats in her room. 

Ask Abby Summers about her fake fall in the locker bay. 

Ask RJ Martin about the “Father of the Constitution.”

Ask Javon Frost about how sturdy the chairs are in speech.

Ask Emily Mears how mobile is pronounced.

Ask Nate Rossi about the topic of dating in 8th period English.

Ask Chase Long why he only had 3% oil left in his truck. 

Ask Brock Burton what he craves during the seventh hour. 

Ask Jenna Roth about Carroll’s light switch.

Ask Mrs. Miller if she’s TikTok famous yet.

Ask Riley Paz about the drool.

Ask Kandi Balchunas about Dr. Pibbs’ demotion.