DCHS Players to perform The Sound of Music

Emily Hudson, staff writer

Delphi Community High School Players present The Sound of Music on Friday, March 17 at 7 pm and Saturday, March 18 at 7 pm. The musical is directed by Mrs. Cotten and assistant director Caitlin Benner. According to Mrs. Cotten, “The Sound of Music is a true story which takes place in 1938 at the time when the Germans were trying to overtake Europe. This was a scary and difficult time for so many people. The Germans were trying to get Captain von Trapp, played by junior Seth Mesaros, to join the German Navy. He refuses and escapes the Germans by traveling on foot with his wife and their 7 children by walking over the mountains to Switzerland which was a free country. Maria Rainer, played by junior Kristina Powlen, was a nun in the Abbey but then sent to be the governess to Captain von Trapp’s 7 children who were without a mother. It is there that she falls in love with Captain von Trapp’s children. She is able to help the children once again find joy and happiness through her love of music.” The von Trapp children are performed by junior Emily Hudson, freshman Elijah Hudson, eighth graders Noah Red Elk, Katlyn Sherinian, and Jessica Powlen, sixth grader Ella Hudson, and third grader Lorelei Haley.


Seth asserted his position by saying,“I am head of the von Trapp family.” Although he has so many kids, Seth attested, “I love all my children equally, because they all have their own little talents.” As head of the household, he has a formidable role to play. “I get into character multiple times because I tend to go between my two favorite emotions of anger and happiness. I do this by channeling what I believe gets me angry, and I think of music for the scenes in which I am happy.”


As governess of the von Trapp family, Kristina claimed she doesn’t have a favorite child “although, one gets on [her] nerves.” Maria is a complex character to play as she ranges from almost becoming a nun to leading the von Trapp house alongside of the captain. On her part, Kristina said, “I imagine what Julie Andrews would do, say, or act.” Kristina also choreographed the entire musical production. Her favorite scene to choreograph was the “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” dance with Liesl and Rolf.


Rolf, played by senior Tanner Pearson, is a telegram messenger who meets Liesl at her house and strikes up a romance. Tanner said, “My character is a teenager that is trying to fit in, but he really likes Liesl. He does get caught up in the wrong crowd though.” “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” shows the two dancing and is quite an adorable display of young love.
To see the show, tickets are $6 and can be purchased through the Delphi Opera House at their box office or online. They will also be selling tickets at lunch Thursday, March 16. Tickets will be sold at the door the nights of the show but there is no reserved seating. The cast of 50 students will be presenting The Sound of Music in the Little Theatre on Friday, March 17 at 7 pm and Saturday, March 18 at 7 pm.