Perfect Gen-Z Christmas gifts


Cynthia Rossi, Staff Writer

As Christmas time rolls around, it is easy to run out of gift ideas for friends. Look no further than this compilation of the perfect gifts for “Gen-Z”. Gen-Z often is viewed as the “ugly duckling” of the generations, specifically for our quirky personalities. However, our quirky personalities come in quite handy when it comes to gift giving. 

  • “Crazy Socks”

Crazy socks are the perfect gift for today’s teens. The more random and nonsensical, the better! 

  • Backpack pins and patches

Backpack pins and patches are a way for Gen-Z’ers to express themselves at school and share little nuggets of their personality with those around them. 

  • Fuzzy blankets

Is there anything better than a cozy, warm blanket in the wintertime? Gen-Z surely doesn’t think so! Fuzzy blankets are the perfect gift for today’s teens. 

  • Healing crystals

Following in Millennials’ footsteps, Gen-Z’ers have started to bring a new meaning to spirituality and exploring the powers of healing crystals. 

  • LED lights

LED light strips make the best addition to any teenager’s bedroom. With a remote that customizes what color the lights appear, LED light strips are the perfect way for teens to create a space completely their own.