Shoutout: Best candies to get when Trick-or-Treating


Some of the options of Halloween candy at our local stores.

When going trick-or-treating, every kid hopes for that one special candy at every single house they visit. It’s on North Street that most of these dreams come true with kids lined up the whole block hoping for their favorite candies. They come hoping for their candy fantasies to become real, and typically leave satisfied with full candy bags. Crunch bars, Reese’s Cups, Skittles, M&M’s, and Hershey’s Kisses are among some of the most popular treats sold at Halloween time. For the kids who love those candies, they know that some dreams really do come true. The euphoria caused by these sweet treats and scary memories stay in the minds of these children long after Halloween. Here are some kids who still hope for these candies every time they trick-or-treat:


Nevaeh Dawley- Snickers




Camryn Phillips- Three Musketeers


Caysen Yount- Snickers



Ella Baker- Sour Punch Rainbow Straws



From the small fun size to the illusive king size, every child hopes for their favorite candy on Halloween. Even though high don’t normally trick-or-treat anymore, they can now pass this love of candy down to the other kids in the community. This will then renew the cycle of Halloween to the next generation, with every generation being connected by the same thing: a love of candy and community.