Where do teachers go for Spring Break?


The potential view of a Spring Break location.

When looking forward to Spring Break, we are often obsessed with learning about where our fellow classmates are going. Florida, Arizona, or Mexico, it seems that everyone is in a rush to get away from the cold of Delphi. However, teachers get Spring Break, too. Do they also go to these iconic places, make their own path in the search for finding warmth, or do they stay at home and get caught up on grading papers? Let’s find out.


Ms. Evans – I am going to go see my grandbaby for part of it.





Mr. and Mrs. Tonsoni – We always stay close to home, but we do like to get out of town for part of the break. This year we are going to Bloomington the first weekend and then we always take time to visit our parents in northern Indiana over break, too. Mainly, however,  we are just relaxing at home. 



Mrs. Reef – I will hopefully be playing grandma with another grandbaby.





Mr. Kochman – Probably honestly just spending time with my daughter.





Well,  it looks like students aren’t the only ones who will be having fun this Spring Break! It seems like while the students are having fun traveling to different places, these teachers are more than content with visiting and being with their families. Have fun and enjoy the sun!