There is more to fall than pumpkin spice


photo by Emily Mears

One of the best parts of fall is watching the sun set over a golden field.

Fall, by far, is the best season. I know many people will agree with this statement, but for a different combination of reasons than I have. When thinking of fall, many people affiliate it with sweater weather, flannels, pumpkin patches, and pumpkin spice drinks. And while some of those things are nice, there is more to fall than pumpkin spice. 


Perhaps the best thing about fall is harvest. This one many people will agree with given we have a large population of ag kids in our area. When I was younger and homework consisted of one page of math problems, there was nothing I looked forward to more than riding in the grain truck with my dad taking the grain to the elevator. To say this grain truck is junk would be an understatement. It’s a 1973 Chevy grain truck that has been on our farm long before I came around. The truck has slick seats and no seatbelts, making bouncing across the field to the lane an interesting adventure. I recall a few times when the bed’s mechanics weren’t working right and when it came to dump the corn, the bed wouldn’t raise. Dad would fix it and climb back in the truck white with dust. The truck is now retired but still remains on the farm and holds nothing but adventurous fall memories for me. 


If harvest is the best thing about fall, chili is a close second. If you were to come over to our house throughout the fall (and through the winter), it is almost guaranteed that in our fridge you would find a large pot of chili or vegetable soup, and sometimes both. The fun thing about Dad’s chili is you never know how it will turn out. Every time he makes it, it’s different. It’s never the same memorized recipe. Yet it always turns out great. 


You can’t talk about fall and not mention the beautiful weather. Personally, I like to wear jeans year round, but there is a point in the middle of the summer when I have to stop due to the heat. The same thing applies to sweatshirts. The fall weather is amazing because you can finally walk outside in jeans and a hoodie without having a heat stroke. Not to mention the breathless views that fall provides. 


Just driving down a country road with the fields half gone, a clear blue sky, and oranges and reds taking over the green is a special kind of therapy. And there is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the porch swing with an old blanket and a good book. 


While fall is one of the busiest seasons, it is also one of the most peaceful times of year. 


There are things I will miss about summer such as the sun rising as I am getting up compared to driving to school in the dark. But I’m ready for fall in every way. Except for the pumpkin spice—peppermint flavored drinks are clearly better, and a reason to look forward to winter.