Spring has sprung


Right in the depths of winter, seasonal depression hits us like a wall. Feeling unmotivated, lazy, and sad, are all moods associated with the cold months. Because we live in the Midwest, the winter months contain us to our homes and there is very little to do. Finally, after what feels like six months of cold, dark winter, Indiana miraculously starts to warm up. Trees start to bloom, along with the flowers, and grass turns from brown to green. 

Spring is a vital time of the year because of its ability to bring us out of a long winter funk. When you go outside or are driving, you no longer have to look at the gray sky and bare trees. Along with driving, there is no more gray and brown slush from the snow, or having to scrape your windshield. Spring is a time of rebirth and is like a breath of fresh air.

The spring rain and sunshine does more than revive the trees and flowers. It brings back the fresh fruits and vegetables we all adore. Fresh and appetizing produce is more readily available in stores. Fruits like strawberries, pineapples, and blueberries lose their bitterness and are sweet once more. 

Another characteristic of the season is spring cleaning. Some may dread the tradition, but many embrace it. There is joy in having a clean, fresh start—even if that means a couple hours of labor with a rake or sponge in hand.  Nothing boosts one’s mood more than the smell of freshly cut grass or the taste of the first backyard barbecue after uncovering and cleaning your porch furniture and grill.

Yes, spring is unpredictable, and sometimes there are random cold, rainy days. However, focus on the fact that you are not walking into school all bundled up in the dark. You are not shoveling snow in sub zero wind chills. You are enjoying a late dinner on the deck watching the sunset at 8:30 instead of 5:30. Spring is a perfect and joyful transition from the cold, sunless months of winter to the hot, sunny days of summer.