Top 10 local restaurants


The inside of the Cornerstone Cafe. Photo provided by Ella Hudson.

Want to explore the best local restaurants in town? Well, next time your tummy is all grumbly, read this article and branch out of your normal culinary delights to try something new. You have probably heard of all of these places before, but sometimes they slip your mind. So here is a list (not in order) of some of the best mom and pop restaurants in Delphi, Flora, Camden, and Pittsburg. 


Cornerstone Cafe (Camden) – This cafe/deli has some of the best food in town. They are open Monday through Friday 7-5:30, and Saturday from 7:30-1, so it is an amazing place to get good food after school that always hits the spot. Their specials of the day and sweet potato fries are always to die for. 


Sandwich Shop (Delphi) – If you want some of the best burgers and fries in town, this is the place to go. Even under new ownership (read Emily Mears´ article if you would like to know more about that), it still has the same classic taste that we have all grown to love. They are open Tuesday through Saturday 11-3, so it is a little hard to go during school hours, but it is also great for an afternoon Saturday meal. 


Mitchell´s Mex (Delphi) – If you like American style food and Mexican cuisine, you will love this place that serves up some amazing Tex-Mex. With a new updated menu and some killer food, this place is always one of my go to´s. They are open Monday through Friday from 11-8 (11-2 on Saturday) so it’s a great place to get food for dinner or whenever you are hungry and want good food. 


Stone House (Delphi) – This place is the definition of a mom and pop restaurant. They serve classic food and then some of their own with twists. They also have really good desserts so if you ever have a sugar tooth, this is the place to go. They have recently changed their hours a bit, so they are now open Monday-Saturday from 6-2. It is a great place to get breakfast or lunch any day of the week, except Sunday of course. 


Fika Coffee Wine and Nibbles (Delphi) – This is a newer restaurant that just recently opened (see Emily Mears’ or Jessica Powlen´s articles to learn more), but they are already making a bang. If you want some astounding coffee to shake up your morning, this is definitely the place to go. They are open Monday through Friday 7-5 and then Sunday from 10-2, so it is a great place to get coffee or food in the morning or for lunch if you don’t plan on sleeping. 


Brick and Mortar Pub (Delphi) – If you are over 18 and love food, this is the place for you. I am told that it looks super pretty inside and that they have great service. If you are under 18 though, maybe your parents will be nice enough to bring you leftovers or take-out. They are open on different days and at different hours, so I would recommend looking up their hours before ordering. 


Cabos Mexican Grill & Bar (Delphi) – If you love yourself some Mexican, this is a notable place to get some authentic Mexican food. They have updated their hours as of three weeks ago, so their new hours are Sunday-Thursday 11-9 and Friday and Saturday 11-10. No matter when you go, they also have great food, chips and salsa, and always serve you really fast. 


Tippy’s Restaurant and Bar (Pittsburg) – Even though this is a bar, families are still welcome. They have some amazing breadsticks along with other things. They are open Tuesday through Thursday 4pm-9pm and Friday and Saturday 4pm-11pm. It is a great spot close to Delphi that isn’t taken advantage of enough. 


The Office Tavern (Delphi) – If you are looking for some exceptional classic food, this is the place to go. They have some killer breaded tenderloins, bugers, and fries. Open Monday through Thursday 7am-12am, and Friday and Saturday 7am-1am, so if you are ever hungry super late at night, this is probably one of the only places close by that will still be open. 


Fire Pizza Flora (Flora) – Craving home style pizza? This is the place for you. Not only do they have some quality pizza, they also have tacos, sandwiches, and pasta. They are open Monday through Thursday 11-8 and the rest of the week are all different times. So if you want to break away from the chain pizza, you definitely have to try this place. 


All of the places listed above serve some amazing high quality foods, and you get the satisfaction of helping out a local business. So next time you are hungry, skip the chain restaurant and stick with our local mom and pop´s. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.