7th grade Halloween writing contest winners


The Butterfinger’s Death

by Autumn Mauer, 7th Grade

When I woke up, I didn’t know who or where I was. I looked around and realized that I was in a bag of Butterfingers. I assumed that I was a Butterfinger t-… Oh wait. I forgot to say that this has already happened. So, I’m Butterfinger, and this is the story of my great escape. Back to the story. I assumed that I was a Butterfinger, too. I heard a low rumbling coming towards the bag, and saw a person. Everyone was thrown into a panic, even me. The bag ripped open and a hand reached in. I barely made it out, and now I’m here, telling you this story. Hold on, let me get some popco-AAAAAAHHHHH!! *riiiipp*