Benefits of felines on humankind

Cynthia Rossi, Staff Writer

Cats. Oh, how much love fills my heart when I think of those beautiful creatures. Cats are not only hands-down my favorite animal in the entire world, they are also magnificent, eloquent animals that are just waiting to share their quirks with you. Every cat is so individualistic that owning them makes for quite a whirlwind of a time.

Cynthia Rossi
Dudley snuggling up on our front porch!

I have three cats whose names are Eleven (Ellie), Dudley, and Fluffer. Each of these cats brings a different kind of warmth and happiness to my heart. They all have such different personalities, which makes being their owner both difficult and rewarding. Ellie is very clingy and needs attention at all times. Dudley is super mellow and chill, but is also a big cuddler. Fluffer is pretty independent and likes to keep to himself, but at around two in the morning will start running laps around my house at maximum speed.

Cynthia Rossi
Fluffer is usually found sleeping with his paws tucked under his body.

Cats not only make life more interesting, they also can improve your health. A cat’s purr is 20 to 140 Hz, which is at a level that promotes relaxation chemicals in our brain. In addiction and rehabilitation facilities, cats are often used as a form of therapy for patients and encourage sobriety. According to the UK Mental Health Organization, seeing pets such as cats running around might motivate owners to work out more often. Also, if someone is struggling with depression or anxiety, cats give a sense of accountability and routine.

Cynthia Rossi
Ellie loves munching on our rose bushes to make me angry.

Mr. Gaspar, a fellow feline enthusiast, stated, “I definitely think that they are a stress reliever. Also, there’s a sense of companionship. They’ll love you no matter what…unconditionally.”

Also, when I spoke with Mr. Gaspar, we talked about the stigma around cats and being a cat owner. Sometimes, cats are referred to as “too feminine” and “girly.” The adjective “too girly” is invalid. To rid cats off just because of a stigma says much more about the person stating it than the owner.

Overall, being a cat owner is one of the most rewarding things in my life. It has improved my character and patience. I truly believe that if everyone owned a cat, this world would be a much better place. Everyone would be able to experience the bond between a cat owner and their cat, which I believe is incredibly remarkable.