Welcome to the meme review of 2017

Welcome to the meme review of 2017

Welcome to a review of one of the most important things our generation tracks: memes. This culture of fleeting jokes and images is the one thing that seems to tie us all together. So when one ambitious person decided to recap all of the popular memes from 2017, the Twitterverse could not be more on board.

Here is the list Twitter user @ZachWashburn created for the rest of the world to appreciate:


Pictures of the Hollywood sign changed to different words started off the year.

“Cash me ousside” became a popular phrase taken from Danielle Bregoli on the Dr. Phil Show.

This picture of the man called “Salt Bae” was popular for sprinkling salt very elegantly.


What in ____nation? captions with various objects wearing cowboy hats began in February.

This picture was used with various forms of bad advice.

Me trying to explain this one:


Plenty of student athlete jokes happened in March, but all in good fun.

Then there was this priceless picture of Meryl Streep that got some love.

One comparison meme ended with “Me, an intellectual”


The #NuggsforCarter landed Carter the most retweeted post ever and a lot of Wendy’s nuggets.

After a Ricky and Morty episode discussing McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, the internet demanded the sauce’s return.

Then there was the line of “I made my crush a playlist” memes.


Every girl wanted their chance at a Sunny Co Swimsuit.

Male rompers were briefly a style, but it was shut down quickly.

Twitter users took the song “Redbone” and overlayed different sounds onto it creating the “What Redbone would sound like if…” meme.

May also brought the infamous “covfefe,” and that one SpongeBob meme.


This month brought back the floor is lava, but with a twist.

Twitter users described situations about themselves followed by “It’s me. I’m your wcw.”


Plenty of people had “Nothing but respect for my president.”

These individually created emoji people were quite something.

There was lots of comparisons between ___ is just boneless ___.


From the wholesome meme category come the “Open for a surprise.”

This stock photo picture can be used for any situation.


As hurricanes got closer to the American coastline, memes were the obvious answer.

Every guy likes to say this at the most annoying times.


First of all, meme life chose all of us.

Before Halloween, a wonderful wave of couple costume ideas rolled in.


The release of the iPhone X also brought the glitch of the letter “i.”

Twitter offered 280 character tweets to a select group of people, but Twitter didn’t go for it.

This picture from a rap concert was literally lit.


The internet was passionate about saving net neutrality, but it was unfortunately repealed.

In an attempt to describe certain universities, Twitter came up with this meme:

Someone started talking about “forbidden fruit” and suddenly people were eating Tide Pods.

Finally, to bring in the new year, users made suggestions for when to start the perfect song.