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DCHS enforces existing cell phone policy

Brittany Allen, staff writer

January 5, 2013

Filed under Student Life

Delphi Community High School has decided to enforce an existing policy for students that prohibits the use of cell phones and other electronic devices during class. This new policy is expected to increase productivity in the classroom and better the education at DCHS. The cell phone policy states...

DCHS band shows growth

DCHS band shows growth

Adam Clawson, staff writer

January 4, 2013

Filed under Showcase, Student Life

The Delphi band has struggled with low numbers and lack of commitment in the past. However, this year there have been signs of significant improvement. The band has begun to show great promise and has proven their skill in multiple venues. Being in the band requires an immense amount of effort. To ...

Students weigh in on learning environment

Bryer Houston, staff writer

December 11, 2012

Filed under Feature, Student Life

With the year being half way over, many of the unfamiliar changes from last year have set in on the students of DCHS. From changing the schedule completely to adding a fresh, agog set of teachers, the entire atmosphere has changed, according to many students. Senior Keegan Crawford stated, “After being h...

DCHS striving to teach respect

Shelby Bradshaw, Staff writer

December 11, 2012

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Every Friday morning before school, teachers force us to break up our breakfast circles in the locker bays to partake in the new pep rallies. At first, these were actually pep rallies: singing the school song, chanting your class year at the top of your lungs, and getting all pumped up for the game tha...

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