• January 30Band and Choir: Good luck in solo and ensemble contests
  • January 30Winter athletes: Good luck in sectionals!
  • January 4It's always a great day to be an Oracle!

January Snoracles

January 18, 2019

Ask Dylan Hyman where the boys restroom is located Ask Shelby Barbour about the “Oh, crap!” handles in her car. Ask Brandon Freeman about his “need for speed.” Ask Hope Bowman about the sink. Ask Draton Reynolds if he has any snorkels. Ask Asa Cohee about the dangers of sneezing. Ask Abby Sch...

December Snoracles

December 6, 2018

Ask Israel Villareal about the bus doors. Ask Mrs. T. about Yogi. Ask Drew Hollingsworth about his “April” Rotary meeting. Ask Colin Dulin about “pretzels.” Ask Elijah Ladd about cross breeding Ask Mr. M about banned books and Pinnochio.   Ask Rylee Houston about her battl...

October Snoracles

October 3, 2018

Ask Logan Seele about the article idea Joe Perry had. Ask Ber Everling-Ribas about salmon. Ask Tyler Landis and Blake Sinks about the couch. Ask Anoria Webb about her coffee stain. Ask Ernie Rosa about his shoes. Ask Railly Voorhies about Apple Juice. Ask Cooper Dale how to get hi...


September 5, 2018

Ask Chloe Caracheo about her snack in English class Ask Keri Toole about her car infestation. Ask Noah Red Elk about Bo Burnham. Ask Mr. Gaspar about bloody hands. Ask Drew Hollingsworth about his French accent. Ask Noah Abbott why he is quiet in Spanish. Ask Garrett Wolfe to tell you a story...

March Snoracles

March 16, 2018

Ask Noah Red Elk about Dolly Parton. Ask Mr. Mroczkiewicz about finger guns. Ask Ensley Circle about “don’t drink the flavorade.” Ask the Delphi Poms how they did at State. Ask Jessica Powlen about her new crocs. Ask Kevin Zabala about, “stupid mini golf.” Ask Cynthia Ro...

February Snoracles

February 27, 2018

Ask Faythe Douglas how boring it is in Mr. T.’s class. Ask Mr. M, Mr. M’s wife, Eliot Brown, and Hannah McCleskey about their plans to have a double date. Ask Ben Lucas why poetry is better if it has mistakes. Ask Mr. Coyner about fire drills. Ask Mr. Painter about his high school...

January Snoracles

January 22, 2018

Ask Joe Lammers about his pidgeon. Ask Jaden Long about when you can say hi to him. Ask Mrs. Kreiling’s English 12 class if smiling makes you happy. Ask Emily Hudson who the greatest phantom is. Ask Manon Lhommel about Mike. Ask Laura Swain about Virginia and her first week in Delphi....

December Snoracles

December 11, 2017

Ask Mr. Plank about his wide variety of lunch foods. Ask Hayden Welk about missing the point. Ask Jalyn Munson about the egg yolks. Ask Eliot Brown about his stress. Ask Sarah Rohrer about the debate. Ask Kiara Morris, Meghan Pearson, and Harley Myer about getting coffee. Ask Mr. M about A Very ...


October 22, 2017

Ask Cassidy Kelly about how Mrs. Tonsoni says “Boo.” Ask the Powlens about their phones and about their Wednesday night dinner stalkers. Ask Mr. and Mrs. Tonsoni about Brandon.   Ask the Dance Team about their new jackets. Ask Anoria Webb about Wicked. Ask Sarah Rohrer about Interact Club. A...


September 27, 2017

Ask Adam Bowen about what he begs to differ with. Ask Mr. Tonsoni about the laws of physics. Ask Mrs. Doyle about her toothpick factory. Ask the girls soccer team about Katie Kleckner and Grace Smith’s handshake. Ask Elijah Hudson about his flop. Ask Max Kender about the panda. Ask...