December Snoracles

Ask Mr. Plank about his wide variety of lunch foods.

Ask Hayden Welk about missing the point.

Ask Jalyn Munson about the egg yolks.

Ask Eliot Brown about his stress.

Ask Sarah Rohrer about the debate.

Ask Kiara Morris, Meghan Pearson, and Harley Myer about getting coffee.

Ask Mr. M about A Very Potter Musical.

Don’t ask Cynthia Rossi about Firebringer but do ask her about DHCS.

Ask Addie Mann about her stretch.

Ask Camp Tecumseh kitchen staff about Robert.

Ask Mrs. Dennison about her “alcohol” lecture with Mr. Brannan in the room.

Ask Mrs. Kreiling about Autumn Anastasia.

Ask Graeme Supple about interpreting poetry.

Ask Adam Rider about his locker neighbor who won’t stop singing.

Ask Kevin Zabala about why he hates Apple computers.

Ask Noah RedElk about the “kissing scene.”

Ask Jessica Powlen about slapping her hands on her thighs.

Ask Vocal Momentum about their Christmas routine.  

Ask Brieghan Rohrman about derivatives.

Ask Kate-Lynn Bennett about her friendship with Joe Lammers.

Ask Kyle Remaly and Jalyn Munson about pickles.

Ask Alyshia East what food is in her locker.

Ask Katey Roth and Cassy Hart about their DQ fights.

Ask NHS about Breakfast with Santa.

Ask Luke Austin about cutting off at the knees?

Ask Jessica Powlen about singing Wicked?

Ask Meghan Pearson about her Christmas sweaters?

Ask Talmadge Jasper about his hair.  

Ask Mr. Painter about dry erase board rags and practical jokes and Pteven Sainter.

Ask Courtney Brown about being recruited for wrestling.  

Ask the Quiz Bowl team about area 52.

Ask Colt Spangler about the number 7.

Ask Chloe Caracheo about el Chapo.

Ask Blake Sinks about cutting in the lunch line.

Ask Joe Perry about silver and ND’s recent losses.

Ask the boys’ swim team about medals and their new suits.

Ask Nick Roberson about his secret stocks.

Ask Jordan Roth about his half court shots.

Ask the boys’ basketball team about the Beef House.

Ask Joe Lammers about who his favorite American is.

Ask Mr. Danforth why he hasn’t ever been in a fist fight.

Ask Dacota Shockley and Holly Cosgray about #5 from BC.

Ask Michael O’Neil about IOTA.

Ask Seth Mesaros about his cute shoes.

Ask all Spanish students about their skits.