March Snoracles

Ask Noah Red Elk about Dolly Parton.

Ask Mr. Mroczkiewicz about finger guns.

Ask Ensley Circle about “don’t drink the flavorade.”

Ask the Delphi Poms how they did at State.

Ask Jessica Powlen about her new crocs.

Ask Kevin Zabala about, “stupid mini golf.”

Ask Cynthia Rossi about Charlie the Unicorn.

Ask a stranger where they’re going for spring break.

Ask Jackie Johns about Dairy Queen taking away the mushroom swiss.

Ask Lexi Francis-Daniels about “getting fired” at Dairy Queen.

Ask Emily and Elijah Hudson about their first time at IHOP.

Ask Mrs. Tonsoni’s 3rd period about pancakes.

Ask Braxton Thompson about his Mitchell’s interview.

Ask Joe Lammers how he’s liking baseball.

Ask Destini Gunter about who Nova is.

Ask Brent Bellah about his squeaky truck.

Ask Jessica Powlen and Ensley Circle about backstage kahoot.

Ask any drama department member about the boys dressing room.

Ask Sarah Rohrer about leaving her lights on.

Ask someone how their days going.

Ask Seth Mesaros about cookoutl

Ask Mr. Painter about his poll.

Ask Mrs. Isaacs about pi day.

Ask Wyatt Anderson and Draton Reynolds about 10 minute runs.

Ask Mr. Tonsoni about his emails.

Ask Aden Sinks about Jordan Ladd’s third arm.

Ask Mrs. Isaacs about her prejudice against This Is Us.

Ask Katie Stanley about pushing a kid down the science ramp.

Ask Joe Perry about why he had the best and worst moments of his life in five seconds.

Ask Delphi Bracketology about how their bracket did.

Ask Skyler Lyons about what record he wants to break this year.

Ask Nick Roberson about what he thinks you should join.

Ask Evan Fritz about Oklahoma.

Ask Garrett Tomson about his accident.

Ask Sami Gunther about tasty duck roast.