January Snoracles

Ask Dylan Hyman where the boys restroom is located

Ask Shelby Barbour about the “Oh, crap!” handles in her car.

Ask Brandon Freeman about his “need for speed.”

Ask Hope Bowman about the sink.

Ask Draton Reynolds if he has any snorkels.

Ask Asa Cohee about the dangers of sneezing.

Ask Abby Schoen about her quizbowl boyfriend.

Ask Mr. Gaspar about his Donkey Kong score.

Ask Grace O’Neil which way is right and ask her about the “muffin.”

Ask Bernardo Everling-Ribas about “Berdele.”

Ask Jasmine Pettiner where Australia is.

Ask the Culinary Arts class why the school smelled like bacon.

Ask Katie Stanley about Delores’ step-dad.

Ask Michael O’Neil about the Germanic priest.

Ask Elijah Ladd about the little kid at Bacon Fest.

Ask Andrew Schoen about losing his scrap paper at the Quiz Bowl meet.

Ask Gabby Breustle about cross-breeding.

Ask Dylan Hyman about the girls bathroom.

Ask Benny Garcia about the test in history.

Ask Shaneil Manning about her music in Apex.

Ask Devin Tharp about the acetone in his eyes.

Ask Tyler Landis about his experience with ice.

Ask Myah Abbott about who not to get close with.

Ask Kooper Myer about bad company.

Ask Sophie Moore about her pig skinning skills.

Ask Garrett Tomson about his new music career.

Ask Creed Bradshaw how he feels about pugs.