December Snoracles

Ask Israel Villareal about the bus doors.

Ask Mrs. T. about Yogi.

Ask Drew Hollingsworth about his “April” Rotary meeting.

Ask Colin Dulin about “pretzels.”

Ask Elijah Ladd about cross breeding

Ask Mr. M about banned books and Pinnochio.  

Ask Rylee Houston about her battle with stairs.

Ask the Entertainers how their Purdue trip went.

Ask Ms. Doyle about bunnies living on the moon.

Ask Christian Shockley about needing signatures.

Ask Jasmine Pettiner about coming in first place in the Psychology kahoot.

Ask Anoria Webb about the breeze in APUSH.

Ask Michael O’Neil about his coffee mug.

Ask Alison Humphrey about her thicc cheese.

Ask Drew Cleavenger about what floats his goat.

Ask Mr. Painter about complaining.

Ask Aden Sinks about “childron.”

Ask Kaiden Baxter about “HUH?”