January Snoracles

Ask Joe Lammers about his pidgeon.

Ask Jaden Long about when you can say hi to him.

Ask Mrs. Kreiling’s English 12 class if smiling makes you happy.

Ask Emily Hudson who the greatest phantom is.

Ask Manon Lhommel about Mike.

Ask Laura Swain about Virginia and her first week in Delphi. 

Ask Cassie Pettiner about who loves Captain America.

Ask the Delphi Dance Team about IOA.

Ask Cynthia Rossi about the “feet song.”

Ask Seth Mesaros about his mop.

Ask Manon Lhommel and Brigita Baranyai about New York City.

Ask Holly Cosgray about the fun she had in her second day of Parnassus.

Ask Mr. T about “Juneing.”

Ask Logan Seele how she feels about dissecting pigs.

Ask Luke Austin why he sat on the Rossville side when we played them in basketball. 

Ask Brigi Baranyai about the sugar and how she hurt her foot.

Ask Braxton Thompson about holding the door.

Ask any DCHS student “Do you know da way?”  

Ask Evan Fritz how to say taco.

Ask Mason Swain about Virginia.

Ask Joshua Rush about squash.

Ask Alexa Perez about her biggest fears

Ask Mr. M about his tattoos. 

Ask Madame Tyner about French pizza.

Ask Rylee Houston about her “dead” dog. 

Ask Ms. Isaacs why she never eats cookies that her students bring her.  

Ask Monon Lhommel and Katie Stanley about anatomy. 

Ask the boys swim team about senior night.

Ask Joe Perry about Dwayne. 

Ask Elijah Hudson about Tron.  

Ask the boy’s basketball C team about their BC game.

Ask Jackie Johns about goats.  

Ask Zach Townsend if you can see his ankle.

Ask the boys’ basketball team about “Julius.”

Ask the girls’ soccer team about pre-season conditioning.

Ask Mr. M. who Grace and Sarah are.

Ask Noah Red Elk about his wardrobe malfunction.