October Snoracles

Ask Logan Seele about the article idea Joe Perry had.

Ask Ber Everling-Ribas about salmon.

Ask Tyler Landis and Blake Sinks about the couch.

Ask Anoria Webb about her coffee stain.

Ask Ernie Rosa about his shoes.

Ask Railly Voorhies about Apple Juice.

Ask Cooper Dale how to get his “curves”.

Ask Jacob Hoss how he broke his leg.

Ask Megan Kelly about pull-ups.

Ask Kooper Myer about his shoes.

Ask Myah Abbott about her cowboy walk.

Ask Benny Garcia about Spartans.

Ask Mr. Gaspar about ‘Eleprents.’

Ask Haley Nelson about the movie in French.

Ask Jordan Ladd about bathroom renovations.

Ask Katie Stanley about moth memes.

Ask Aden Sinks about “Papa B.”