February Snoracles

Ask Faythe Douglas how boring it is in Mr. T.’s class.

Ask Mr. M, Mr. M’s wife, Eliot Brown, and Hannah McCleskey about their plans to have a double date.

Ask Ben Lucas why poetry is better if it has mistakes.

Ask Mr. Coyner about fire drills.

Ask Mr. Painter about his high school nicknames.

Ask MacKenzie Myers about the ghost in the girls locker room

Ask Destini Gunter about level 33 on Homescapes

Ask Kelsi German about her “This I Believe” essay

Ask Ms. Doyle’s Calculus class about integrals

Ask Señora Hollingsworth how to defrost ground beef.

Ask Isaac DeKalb what happened when he tried to take his sweatshirt off in World History.

Ask Nick Roberson why you should join track.

Ask Riley Saul about defenestration.

Ask Talmadge Jasper about pigs.

Ask Cassie Pettiner about going to Hawaii for lambs.

Ask Cooper Dale about tasty.

Ask Ms. Doyle about Groundhog’s Day and Wednesesday.

Ask Mr. Tonsoni about when he was right twice.

Ask Drew Cleavenger about going up on the stage at the Break the Grey concert.

Ask Jessica Powlen about the boogly man.

Ask Savannah Deel about the cat.

Ask Kevin Zabala about chair day.