DCHS Snoracles

Ask Nikita Lear about teaching an elementary class.

Ask Abby Summers and Kortney Morris about the soccer ‘baby diaper’ team.

Ask Rafael Florez-Cruz about Mrs. Pickering asking for a ride.

Ask Jackson Kroeger about having the memory of a goldfish.

Ask Mr. M about earlobes.

Ask Diego Nieves about The Vampire Diaries.

Ask Rebecca Kelly and Cade Nelson about the concession stand scare.

Ask Mr. Gaspar and Taylor Martin about the slug.

Ask Ayana Abbott about what happened during the volleyball game on Tuesday. 

Ask Sarah Perry about what happened in class during the daily vlog.

Ask Cooper Cross about pickles and peanut butter.

Ask Hannah Ladd about making bets with her. 

Ask Kate Broadstreet about her eye.

Ask Chase Long where the Constitution is.

Ask Addy Shepard about her ice cream crisis. 

Ask Carson Workinger about his school spirit. 

Ask Elah Abbott why Brave is a bad movie.

Ask Kalin Gardiner about the microwave on the mezzanine. 

Ask Braydon Fosbrink about warm-ups during his soccer game on Tuesday.

Ask Ely Garcia about waking up and realizing that it is him.

Ask Jackson Gist, Alyssa Erickson, and Javon Frost about octopuses. 

Ask Senora about her husband’s job.

Ask Braydn Gleason, Lakin Wakeman, and Jackson Hixson about Culver’s bibs.

Ask Mr. Bradford about mummies.

Ask Mrs. Tonsoni about the guy on the ladder.