Ask Cassidy Kelly about how Mrs. Tonsoni says “Boo.”

Ask the Powlens about their phones and about their Wednesday night dinner stalkers.

Ask Mr. and Mrs. Tonsoni about Brandon.  

Ask the Dance Team about their new jackets.

Ask Anoria Webb about Wicked.

Ask Sarah Rohrer about Interact Club.

Ask Mr. M about his visit from Ingrid.

Ask Cassie Jones about her permit.

Ask Kristina about dodo birds.

Ask Ms. Doyle’s Calculus class about derivatives.

Ask Joe Lammers about puddles.

Ask Riley Saul about his toilet paper belt.

Ask Brandon Burkett about what happened to his face in gym class.

Ask Seth Mesaros about doors.

Ask Mrs. Tonsoni about what errand she took during her 5th hour class.

Ask Mr. Gaspar about his incidents with D&D campaigns.

Ask Brent Bellah about leaving Max Kender on read.

Ask CNA class about Stonehouse.

Ask Ms. Lawton about being intimidating and about her senior cords.

Ask Ben Lucas about plants that are suffering.

Ask Ms. Doyle about chocolate peanut butter.

Ask Drew Hollingsworth about the legend of Darth Plagueis the Wise.

Ask Maddie Adams about her finger.

Ask Garrett Thomson and John Beale about spewing water all over the Chemistry desk.

Ask Andrew Schoen about Arnolfini.

Ask Mr. Painter’s second hour about Pepe.

Ask Emily Hudson about her shoe obsession.

Ask Elijah about crushing a chair.

Ask the choir kids about Fannie May candy.

Ask any Bears fan what they think of Jay Cutler.

Ask Braxton Thompson about his subs.

Ask Dacota Shockley and Joe Perry about pineapple on pizza.

Ask Mr. Painter about the political wall.

Ask Hannah McCleskey about the debate.