Cervantes brothers inspire through art


Ava Charnley , staff writer

The Cervantes brothers—Seferino, Cesar, and Isaias—are three DCHS graduates with big dreams. They work hard at their day jobs, but all three would tell you that it is their passion for art that gives them purpose. And it is their art that they hope continues to bring joy and inspiration to others. Recently, Parnassus checked in with these local artists to learn a little more about them.


Seferino (Sef) – DCHS Class of 2009


What inspires your art?  Everything about my past and other people’s situations opens my eyes and helps me see things at another level.


What impact do you hope your art has on others?  With art, there is no right or wrong. When people see my artwork, I hope it makes them feel better about life.


What dreams do you have for your life as an artist?  Art is life. I hope to continue to touch communities through my art, whether it be through a mural or through painting faces at local events. I like getting questions from people, and I like inspiring new artist.


What advice do you have for high school students in general?  Art is what keeps the world moving. Art takes time and patience. Every artist has a story. Don’t stop telling people your story until people understand you and see you. Art could be people’s movement, it could be cooking, math, science, and so on—everything is art. Just stay focused and keeping building yourself.


What advice do you have for young artists?   Instead of thinking that as leaders we need to influence  more followers, let’s change that around to as a leader we need to make more leaders. We live and learn. You fail? Go find something else until you find something you like doing. This is all about experiences, so don’t be afraid to try new things. Live your life.


Cesar – DCHS Class of 2010


What inspires your art?  People that are into the art culture is what inspires me. I usually do work because people are wanting a drawing, painting, mural, or whatever to be done, so I get to it and give it my best.


What impact has art had on you?  Art keeps me going in life. I’ve seen some amazing work done by others, and I want to be doing the same. Art gives me a spark, an idea to come up with my own style that’s different from others. Art has taught me that commitment and motivation is the key to success.


What dreams do you have for your life as an artist?  For the future, I hope my brothers and I push our talent to where we have our own business and do work for the public. I hope my art has a positive impact on others, but I also hope I’m making an impact on others in other ways, too. 


What advice do you have for high school students in general?  My advice for the high school students is to stay in school and give it your best. If there’s something you love doing and see potential in it, go for it! Don’t let anyone stop you from reaching your goals. Show the world what you can do because one person can change the world. You never know until you try. 


What advice do you have for young artists?  Continue trying out new ideas until you find your own style of work. I understand art is time consuming, but that’s what it takes to be a great artist. Have fun and go above and beyond with it. Believe in your talent and skills and show the public eye what you are capable of.


Isaias – DCHS Class of 2015


What inspires your art?  What inspires me most is my brothers. Seeing their artwork motivates me to keep getting better. I also follow a lot of other artists on social media and that gives me new ideas on what my next project should be about. 


What impact do you hope your art has on others?  I hope that the younger generation gets inspired by me and my brothers, hopefully with art, but not just that. I hope they also see us as being good people who are kind and respectful of others.


What dreams do you have for your life as an artist?  I hope that me and my brothers are well recognized locally and in different towns. I hope we get more work such as doing big pieces on walls like restaurants, bars, or any type of buildings.


What advice do you have for high school students in general?  My advice for them is to enjoy high school while you’re still there because after you graduate, you’re going to wish you would’ve done more. Leave a good memory for the others to remember your name for how you were and what you did. 


What advice do you have for young artists?  For the younger artists, keep striving for better. Don’t just stick with one thing in art that you’re good at. Try watercolor, acrylic painting, oil painting, charcoal. Get your artwork recognized out there in public, volunteer for things that involve art. Have fun with art and always stay creative. 


The Cervantes brothers have an obvious love for their art and for each other. They are strong individually and even stronger together. They have the talent and the desire to do great things. The three of them collaborated on the mural outside of Andy’s in Delphi, and they did a mural for Brick and Mortar as well. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more of their work around town and in surrounding areas. 


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