Predicting your Spring Break plans


Spring Break is almost here! While enjoying your vacation, you should find some ways to make it unique. Do something out of the ordinary to distinguish your trip from the monotony on others.

Elyse Perry, editor

Spring Break is upon us again, and with it, the same stories we hear every year about the exact same trip to the exact same place with the exact same chain of events. It seems to me like we all follow the same routine every Spring Break; we’re almost becoming Hallmark-movie-predictable with our planning. To prove my point, I am going to predict your Spring Break.

So to start, you are going to leave school on Thursday and head straight home to pack. No one ever packs in advance, so you will freak out a few times because you can’t find your swimsuit or your favorite shorts. All the while, you will be on the phone with the friend you invited, checking your packing list against theirs. As soon as you’re packed, you will head to the airport to fly to Florida where you will stay in a beachfront hotel.

Your first night in Florida, your family will eat at a seafood restaurant, most likely ordering calamari “just to try it.” Afterwards, your family will get ice cream on a boardwalk before heading back to the hotel to sleep. You will fall asleep about ten minutes into the movie you start.

Since it is Spring Break and you haven’t seen the sun in ages, your mom will wake you up to watch the sunrise on the beach to start your day. You will spend the day on the beach playing volleyball and trying to body surf before giving up and laying on your towel. As always, everyone will get sunburnt on the first day and spend most of the night applying aloe. 

The rest of the week will continue in similar fashion: hanging out on the beach, complaining about sunburn, and eventually finding a place to play minigolf. The only nuance will come on the last day when you will take beach photos to post on your Instagram to show everyone how much fun you are having in Florida. If you go to Clearwater or Fort Myers, you might even run into someone you know and take pictures with them. 

 After pictures, you will go back to your hotel to pack and make the journey to the airport to return home. When you land, you will complain about how it is cold in Indiana after being in Florida for a week. The return trip will most likely be on Saturday so you have all of Sunday to rest, do laundry, and pray that you don’t look like a tomato when you come back to school. You will finalize an Instagram post with a caption found by Googling “spring break Instagram captions” and changing a few words or emojis before finally packing your backpack and complaining about returning to school the next day. 

Based on many past Spring Breaks I have heard about, this is the basic plot summary of most. How well did I do in predicting your break? Let me know in the comments below!