The most irritating things

The most irritating things

Jessica Powlen, Staff Writer

Everyone has their bad habits.  We may be aware of some; however, I’m sure there are several other habits that we don’t even notice we do, which potentially can be even more irritating to others.  I have created a list of the things I find the most irritating—see if you agree.

  • Not muting yourself when you’re not speaking

Since the COVID outbreak, we all had to adapt to new forms of learning.  Zoom was the predominant software platform being used during this time, and I know we all had that annoying occurrence of when someone had their microphone turned on when they were not speaking.  With that, there always seemed to be either static or we could hear them snacking on their treat in the background which was quite irritating.

  • Taking a friendly sing-along too seriously

Hanging out with friends is supposed to be a blast, right?  Telling jokes, talking about boys/girls, and having fun while singing along to our favorite tunes.  However, I’m sure we all have that one friend who just seems to ruin the fun, carefree mood when that song comes on and they start belting their perfect vocals.  Don’t get me wrong, they sound great!  It’s just never the vibe.

  • Putting empty food containers back in the fridge

All of our siblings do this, right? I mean, honestly, how hard is it to simply put the empty container into the trash can?  Putting it back into the fridge is just giving false hope to everyone else, and that is one of the most annoying things you can do to a person.

  • Putting arms on both armrests

One thing I think everyone needs to hear is that your arm goes on the right armrest.  Unless whoever you are with doesn’t want an armrest, your arm is to always go on the right side.

  • Getting left on read


  • Starting a sentence with “no offense”

Starting a statement with “no offense” does not automatically make your statement non offensive, and unsurprisingly, it’s quite irritating.

  • Somehow making every conversation about you

Of course, conversations can’t really happen if you don’t tell personal occurrences.  However, if you ever find yourself talking about your personal life to someone you went to console over a breakup or death in the family, you should definitely try to break that annoying habit.

Of course, we all have habits that irritate other people and maybe those habits even irritate ourselves.  We just can’t allow ourselves to latch onto these specific habits as they are more annoying than anything.