What makes a good teacher?


Jessica Powlen, Staff writer

Think about your favorite teacher you’ve ever had in school.  Now answer the question: Why them? I’ve noticed throughout my few years in high school, many students tend to favor certain teachers over others.  This usually isn’t due to a teacher not assigning much homework or allowing students to turn assignments in three weeks late. It is typically because of the relationships teachers strive for and create with their students.  


After asking peers of mine what they think are the qualities of great teachers, most said that it’s the ability to communicate and create bonds with the students to make learning less of a burden.  Sophomore Mazilyn Wilson agreed. “A good teacher knows how to communicate well with students.”  Some teachers don’t realize that “knowing a lot of stuff” isn’t what defines an excellent teacher.  Though that is very necessary, it isn’t the focus when it comes to transferring the knowledge. “Good teachers make learning fun,” said sophomore Sydney Ross.  Plowing through material in order for the students to absorb what they can isn’t always the best approach. Creating a way for the students to want to get involved and learn new material is necessary in order for students to fully learn. Juniors Dylan Hyman and Nathan Abramczyk both agreed that a good teacher means being a good communicator. Nathan went on to say, “It means having good explanation skills, different viewpoints, the ability to empathize and keep the class engaged.”


 In a successful learning environment, the teachers don’t only care deeply about their job, they care deeply about their students.  The teachers that clearly love their profession and their students are the ones who are patient and make the most impact on students’ learning.  Patience is another major key when it comes to teaching. All students learn at different speeds and it is vital for teachers to make sure each student understands the material.  With this, teachers should have high expectations for everyone. Studies have shown that this has a major impact on how well the students learn. A good teacher should understand what each individual student is capable of, set their expectation for that student, and strive to help each student do their best.