“Exciting” things to do when stuck at home on spring break

Jessica Powlen, staff writer

I’m sure we students who aren’t doing anything or going anywhere for spring break are quite jealous of all those students we hear are going to Florida.  But we can have just as much fun here in Indiana, right?  Here’s a list of exciting things to do when you’re stranded in Indiana for spring break.

  • Do homework

Homework’s fun…right?  Hurry and get caught up on all your studies.  This way, you won’t have to worry about doing homework after spring break.  Exciting!

  • Watch the cornfields

Watching the cornfields could be an all day activity.  I find it rather enticing to sit and look at the flat, tawny colored fields all day.  How lucky are we to have this scenery in every direction we look?  This is so much more fun than going to Florida and laying out on the soft sand, bathing in the sun and swimming in the royal blue ocean…so much better.

  • Talk about the weather

The weather is something everyone can relate to and one topic that is uncontroversial.  So, go ahead and spark up a conversation about that with someone.  Don’t talk about anything personal, and constantly change the topic.  This way, the conversations will never be boring and your interlocutor will stay in tune.

  • Nothing

Nothing is always a great go to thing to do.  Nothing requires absolutely no physical or mental activity.  This is a quite relaxing yet thrilling motive, which might possibly distract your thoughts of all those kids down in Florida sitting and relaxing on the beach.

  • Buy Toy Story toys and stare at them until they move

I’m sure we all believed the storyline of Toy Story and thought our toys did move when we weren’t looking.  But, who’s to say that it isn’t true?  Has anyone proved that theory to be incorrect?  I don’t think so.  A fun activity to do this spring break would be to go out and buy the Woody and Buzz Lightyear toys and stare at them until they move.  This should be such an exhilarating experiment: staring and waiting for some sign of life from the dolls.

  • Call the “Call to Wait” phone line

Call to Wait was an extremely long-term project done by Aaron Arntz that puts callers on hold for seven years.  Callers are notified on their remaining time for the call.  For example, if you have been on hold for 21 minutes, the line will state: “thirty-nine minutes, twenty-three hours, one day, fifty-two weeks, and six years remaining.  Fun, right!?  It’s also said that if you wait the entire seven years, something will happen.


This list of activities should hopefully be  helpful if you are going to be stuck at home this spring break.  I find these activities rather pleasurable and will surely make use of them myself.