Last minute Christmas gifts


Jessica Powlen, staff writer

Are you running late this Christmas and looking for a fast gift to make a loved one or a friend?  There are several quick gift ideas to do for your friends and family using just knick knacks lying around the house.


  • Magazine/newspaper moonlight lamp

Personalize a moonlight lamp with old magazines.  Take some old magazines, or pictures of you and your loved one, and roll the pages up into sticks.  Glue them all around the moon lamp, making a very classy and meaningful lamp for their side BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp Moon Night Light 3D Printing 7.1IN Large  Lunar Lamp for Kids Gift for Women USB Rechargeable Touch Contral  Brightness Warm and Cool White: Home & Kitchen


  • Penny vase

Find as many pennies lying around the house as you can and glue them all onto a vase. This will create a great gift for decor around the house, giving the room a very vintage look.DIY Vase with Pennies - Thumbs Up - Bob Vila


  • Paper plate cookie basket

Instructions: cut two lines on either side of a paper plate (about an inch apart) and fold them inward, so that they are vertical.  Next, take the other two sides (bigger sides) and fold them inward as well, taping each end to the smaller folds.  This will create a basket for any goodies you wish to make and place inside. Tutorial below.Christmas Cookie Exchange Party | Our Mini Family

  • Soda can tab bracelet

Take some left over soda can tabs and place them in a table overlapping each other.  Take two ribbons and weave them through the holes of the tabs.  This will make a very creative and cute friendship bracelet for you and your friend.

Bracelets From Soda Can Tabs | Can tab bracelet, Pop tab bracelet, Soda tab  crafts


  • Paper garland

Do you have a friend wanting more decor for their naked Christmas tree?  Take all the newspapers from your trash and use them as garland for the tree.  Simply roll them up and wrap them around the tree.  Needing a model to see how this will appear? Take a look at the Parnassus Christmas tree in the LMC.Elf on the Shelf ideas. Toilet paper garland on Christmas tree. | Christmas  tree garland, Paper garland, Christmas tree


  • Confetti nail polish upgrade

Take that bleh pair of sunglasses, sandals, wallet, etc., and spread some confetti nail polish on them to spice them up.  I’m sure your mom, aunt, friend, sister, or cousin would love this for a Christmas gift.

Confetti - Multi-colored Metallic Flakie Topper Nail Polish by ILNP

  • CD ornaments

If you have any ornaments lying around that you never use on your Christmas tree, you can personalize it by cutting an empty CD into pieces and gluing the pieces on the ornament.  This is a very quick craft to make for a friend or family member.

Sparkly DIY Ornaments | Personalized Christmas Stockings