6 last minute, budget friendly, costumes

Grace O'Neil, Staff Writer

Halloween is a great time of year, with haunted houses, Halloween parties, and half price candy at any convenience store. However, the time you spend trick-or-treating is only as good as your costume and your route. If you’re like me, you don’t have a costume and are most likely broke. So why not make one from the things around your house or from things that won’t cost much to purchase? I hope these ideas help you get into the holiday fun, inexpensively.


Stick Figure

Anyone can draw a stick figure, but apparently you can be one too. This costume is simple to make. Simply wear all white and put a strip of black electrical tape on each of your limbs. Make a simple mask out of a paper plate and you’ve become a stick figure.


Every year someone dresses up as a cat, but have you ever seen a moose? Simply grab a brown hoodie and some white latex gloves. Inflate and tie the gloves, and tape them to your hood on opposite sides of your head. Finish the look with a pair of black pants or leggings, put your hood up, and voila!

Scuba diver

Usually scuba gear is heavy, but not this time. Take two, two liter soda bottles and paint them the same color. Using duck tape, tape the bottles together in the middle and attach yarn to each bottle to make straps. To sell the look, wear all black and a pair of goggles. Now you’re ready to dive into those candy bowls.

Wind up toy

This is not as difficult as it may sound, but it produces a fun result. All you need is a little glue and cardboard, but paint is optional. Simply take an empty toilet paper tube and a flap from a cardboard box. Sketch and cut out the number eight. Glue the eight to the toilet paper tube and attach it to a string or belt. Tie the belt/ string around your waist and its done. You can wear whatever you want underneath for the same effect.


Bats are iconic Halloween animals that tend to be just decoration. A bat costume is easy to make. Just get a long piece of black fabric (it should be the length of your arms, and fall down to your waist). Cut out the spiky wing shape and safety pin it to a long sleeve black shirt or dress. Finish with a pair of black pants or leggings and a pair of black cat ears, and you are now a bat.


This is another iconic animal of Halloween, mostly because most everyone has at least a small fear of spiders. To make this costume, you need four long black socks, or two pairs of black leggings if you can’t find long enough socks. Stuff them with pillow fluff and hot glue them to an old black sweatshirt. Take some fishing line and tie the limbs together on either side, leaving space between the limbs, and tie them to your wrist (that way when you move your arms the other arms will move as well). Wear black pants or leggings and now you’re a creepy spider.

These are only a few of the endless possibilities. Just get creative and have a happy Halloween.