What was the most popular toy when you were born?

What was the most popular toy when you were born?

Cynthia Rossi, Staff Writer

Every year, there seems to be a certain toy that dominates the toy industry. In 1997, it was the Tamagotchi. In 1983, it was the Cabbage Patch Kids doll. Ever wondered what the most popular toy was the year you were born? Just keep reading to find out.

      1. In the year 2000, the most popular toy was the Razor scooter. Not only could kids show off their super skating skills, they could also show off the bruises left from the scooter swinging around and hitting their shins. The Razor scooter was an awesome way for kids to get outside and active.

      2. In the year 2001, the Bratz doll was the most sought after gift on youngster’s “wish-lists.” Most parents were initially reluctant to buy Bratz dolls due to the provocative way the toys were dressed. However, some parents appreciated the fact that the Bratz corporation represented all ethnicities, unlike Barbie.

      3. In the year 2002, Beyblades quickly rose to fame along with Japanese comic books called Manga. Beyblades made its way in the US following the popularity of a Manga with the same name. The game Beyblades consists of spinning tops used to battle other kids until someone gets three points.

      4. In the year 2003, Leapsters were incredibly popular due to their ability to inspire children to learn. Not only did it teach children basic math and phonics, it also stimulated an eagerness in art and music. The creators of the Leapster, Leapfrog, also released several short videos that visualized problem solving skills for children to implement into their day-to-day lives. 

      5. In the year 2004, the most popular toy was the RoboSapien. The RoboSapien had over 67 different functions that reacted based on sound and touch. In 2015, it was even voted the most “Innovative Toy” by TOTY.


Regardless of what year you were born, there is always that one toy that every kids seems to have their eye on. The world is definitely being taken over by technology and cellular devices, but it seems that the youthful time of playing with toys is not over…yet.