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Stop telling me to go to prom

Carol Johnson, staff writer

April 21, 2016

Prom is something we hear about from a very young age. We see it in movies and television shows growing up. We grew up thinking that prom was going to be a life-changing event, the pinnacle of one’s high school experience. We would dream about prom: the sleek tuxedos, the beautiful dresses, the fan...

Remaking classics: to be or not to be?

Bella McGill, staff writer

February 26, 2016

The beloved Jane Austen book, Pride and Prejudice, has recently been remade, once again, into a movie. This time, however, it has a twist: zombies. Based off of the best-selling book by Seth Grahame-Smith (and, of course, Jane Austen), the new movie release has Austen fans on the edge of their seats, w...

The importance of writing

Hannah Irelan, staff writer

February 22, 2016

“Writers see the world differently. Every voice we hear, every face we see, every hand we touch could become story fabric.” -Buffy Andrews   I am a firm believer in the testament that we are bred from our passions, and from those passions we are granted the strength to carry us for the ...

The student has not become the master

Hannah Alexander, Staff Writer

January 29, 2016

    Lock the doors! Hide the children! It's the attack of the schoolwork? Yes, schoolwork. Recently, I have noticed that more and more students seem to have an aversion to doing work. Instead of just doing the work assigned, they have started complaining instead. It is not the job of the teacher ...

Please vote responsibly: A desperate rant

Lacie Tomson, staff writer

January 29, 2016

In the 2014 election in Carroll County, only 29% of the 13,761 registered voters made use of their right to vote; and at the national level, only 19.9% of voters between the ages of eighteen to twenty-nine came out to the polls. For those of you who are not aware, twenty-nine percent is lower than the natio...

The importance of reading

Carol Johnson, staff writer

January 25, 2016

So many times in my high school career, I’ve heard the following quotes: “I only go into the library because the printer is in there and I wouldn’t go at all if that wasn’t the case.” “I haven’t read a book since we had to do Reading Counts.” “Reading is stupid.” “Rea...

The blog effect: Testimonial of a rookie blogger

Emilee Gear, staff writer

January 22, 2016

If someone mentioned blogging to me a couple years ago, I would have pictured  someone living in a little New York apartment, sitting down with a cup of black coffee every morning to write about the philosophical issues of modern society; someone with their life together, you know?  I have learned th...

Photographer Eric Pickersgill photoshops out electronic devices

Ariel Wolfe, staff writer

November 12, 2015

In school, at work, or at lunch. Walking through the grocery store, sitting in a waiting room, or laying in bed. In that any setting that you walk into today, an electronic device will most likely be lighting up the face of at least one individual. Technology is amazing and we have advanced so far with it, but ...

Civilian possession of firearms should be illegal

Miranda Edwards, Editor

October 14, 2015

     After a recent shooting at a community college in Oregon, the controversial topic of gun control has resurfaced and flooded the media. While in past years I used to believe citizens should be able to have the freedom to own guns for safety or hunting purposes, recent gun violence has caused ...

College: Can’t afford to go, can’t afford not to

Miranda Edwards, Editor

October 2, 2015

    The cost for secondary education has reached an all time high. In fact, the cost for college has increased by 1,100% since 1980. Most students, locally and globally, depend on scholarships and loans to attend college. This leaves students in thousands of dollars of debt when they begin their a...