Spend some quarantine time outdoors


Grace O'Neil, Staff writer

In this time in our lives, we are encouraged to stay inside and social distance to protect ourselves and others from germs and from Covid-19. Most people have thus horded the toilet paper and prepared to shut up inside until this virus slows down. However, should we spend the next few months sitting in our rooms and waiting until the virus is gone? I don’t think so.

Although social distancing is important, going outside can be helpful for our bodies and mind. Nature has been shown to lessen anxiety, boost creativity, and improve focus, but vitamin D and organic compounds released by plants, such as phytoncides, have been shown to boost your immune system. Not to mention that going outside will encourage some exercise which can reduce stress and boost self-esteem. It may not cure the virus, but going outside can help get us through with a positive mindset.

So what are some things we could do while social distancing outdoors? If able to practice proper social distancing, going to the park or hiking trails is a great way to spend time outdoors. If going to the park is not possible, just sitting in your yard for 5-15 minutes can help with many of the same benefits. If you have siblings, have them come outside and play tag, hide and seek, frisbee, or wiffleball. You can even do your e-learning on the porch or in the yard.

However you spend your quarantine, make sure you take the time to get some fresh air and relax in nature right outside your door.