Valentine’s Day Couples


Ah, the smell of love is in the air. The best time of year to celebrate love for friends and significant others is on Valentine’s Day. Everyone from teachers to students show that there is so much love that can be passed around. On Feb. 14, people are smothered in gifts (chocolates, teddy bears, candy, and even love notes). These little treats one time of year are what make people cherish their loved ones a little more. Keeley Mundell, Christian Shockley, Doug Nelson, Nicole Nelson, Collin Dulin, Emma Milburn, Creed Bradshaw, Isaac Dekalb, Andrew Hollingsworth, Andy Mendoza, Cassandra Jones, Peyton Resler, Issac Salinas, Hannah Sherinian, Blake Sinks, Jessica Powlen, and Bernardo Ribas tell us a little about their special relationships.


  1. What is your most favorite and least favorite thing about each other?
  2. How long have you known one another for?
  3. Who is a better dancer and why?
  4. Who is more sensitive?
  5. Who is more likely to buy dinner on your Friday night date?
  6. What was your first date and what did you do?
  7. Who wears the Pants in your relationship and why?

Emma Milburn (Freshman) and Culin Dulin (Freshman):

  1. (E)- My favorite thing is that he still makes me laugh and puts up with me even though I am really annoying and petty (whoops). My least favorite thing, if I had to pick, is probably that he is bigger/stronger than me. (C)- Out of all the things I love about her, I would say that my favorite is that I can be my real self around her. My least favorite thing about her is how petty she can be sometimes.
  2. (E)- Three years even though he didn’t know that I was a twin, and that my sister and I were different people until a year later. (C)- Three years.
  3. (E)- Me, because I just am. (C)- She is a better dancer because I can’t dance in the first place.
  4. (E)- It is equal pretty much but probably me. (C)- She is.
  5. (E)- Him because I can only afford a small fry from McDonald’s. (C)- I am.
  6. (E)- We went to a corn maze (Exploration Acres) and we went through the mazes. We raced through the maze to beat my dad and sister. We may have cut through in some spots and then got lost, which was my fault because I tried to be smart and use the compass on my phone but I ended up looking dumb. (C)- We went to a corn maze and got lost for an hour.
  7. (E)-  He does because I don’t listen and I don’t like making decisions..I am basically a child. (C)- I would say that I do because when it comes down to it, she is never able to make decisions on her own.

Hannah Sherinian (sophomore) and Blake Sinks (sophomore):

  1. (H)- My least favorite thing is that he eats my food when he said he didn’t want any. My favorite thing is that I can beat him in a pun off. (B)- Least favorite thing is losing in pun off, my favorite thing is winning at puns.
  2. (H)- 4 years (B)- 4 years
  3. (H)- Blake (B)- Hannah, because I don’t like dancing.
  4. (H)- Blake (B)- Hannah
  5. (H)- Blake (B)- Me
  6. (H)-We had pizza and star gazed. (B)- I went over to her house and we hung out for a while.
  7. (H)- Me, because he always wears sweatpants. (B)- Her, because I only wear sweat pants. 

Keeley Mundell (junior) and Christian Shockley (junior):

  1. (K)- Even after a year, we still always have things to talk about. Sometimes he thinks he knows everything. (C)- I like her pretty face, but I don’t like her attitude.
  2. (K)- About 2 and a half years. (C)- About 2 and a half years.
  3. (K)- Me because I dance a lot more than he does. (C)- Keeley, she dances more than I do.
  4. (K)- Definitely me. (C)- Most Definitely her.
  5. (K)- Just depends on who has money at the time. (C)- Just depends on who has the money.
  6. (K)- The Sandwich Shop, we ate dinner. (C)- The Sandwich Shop, we ate dinner.
  7. (K)- It’s pretty equal. (C)- It’s pretty equal. 

Peyton Resler (senior) and Issac Salinas (senior):

  1. (P)- Most favorite thing is his goofy laugh, and my least favorite thing is when he farts in my car. (I)-She drives me nuts all the time but her smile brings me joy.
  2. (P)- Since freshman year. (I)- 3 years
  3. (P)- Issac, he’s got some groovy moves. (I)- I am for sure. She moves like a broken robot and I’m so smooth and silky .
  4. (P)- Me (I)- Her. That’s all I have to say.
  5. (P)- Usually Issac (I)- I am, but sometimes I let her buy.
  6. (P)- We saw Neighbors 2 at the movies. I was so nervous to eat in front of him. We got a large popcorn and I didn’t eat any of it. (I)- Our first date was to the movies with her and my mom and my little sister. We were in the car and I was nervous, so I kept calling her bro. When we got to the movies we got a medium popcorn and she ate none of it.
  7. (P)- Me, he likes to be bossed around. (I)- She does because it makes her feel all big and bad. I don’t care.

Jessica Powlen (sophomore) and Bernardo Ribas (senior) – The “ship” relationship:

  1. (J)- My favorite thing about Bernardo is his accent and his laugh. My least favorite thing about Bernardo is that he’s going home soon and he quit Vocal Momentum. (B)- She’s always funny and a nice person to have around every time, although she really dislikes when I say swear words.
  2. (J)- About 5 months (B)- 5 months now, counting February.
  3. (J)- Ber! He is really good. (B)- She is a great dancer, but I don’t like to separate these kind of things. I think she is great at her type of dance, at the same time I am great at my type of dance.
  4. (J)- Me! (B)- Jessica
  5. (J)- Ber! (B)- Bernardo
  6. (J)- We went to go see Fantastic Beasts in theaters. (B)- We went to the movie theater and watched the movie Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald.
  7. (J)- I make most of the decision making. (B)- Jessica

Nicole Nelson (teacher) and Doug Nelson (teacher):

  1. (N)- My most favorite thing is his sense of humor, but my least favorite thing is his methods of organization. (D)- Too many to share.
  2. (N)- Since freshman year of college, 1996. (D)- 23 years
  3. (N)- He is much more willing, but I am when I want to be. (D)- Me because I have rhythm.
  4. (N)- He definitely is! (D)- Me
  5. (N)- I am more likely to say let’s go out. (D)- Neither because we stay at home.
  6. (N)- We went to the movies. (D)- The movies
  7. (N)- I let him think he does sometimes because it makes him happy. (D)- We both have one leg in. 

Cassandra Jones (senior) and Andy Mendoza (junior) – Out of grade relation:

  1. (C)-  My most favorite thing is how he never fails to make me smile. My least favorite thing would probably be how he constantly drinks all of my water and leaves me barely any. (A)- My most favorite is her laugh, my least favorite is that she is too darn perfect.
  2. (C)- 3 years (A)- Since freshman year.
  3. (C)- Oh, most definitely me. He doesn’t have any rhythm whatsoever. It can actually be entertaining. (A)- Her! I am really bad.
  4. (C)- He is (A)- Me
  5. (C)- Me, the one with a job. (A)- Me
  6. (C)- Our first “date” was at my house and I totally kicked his butt at darts. (A)- We went to Dairy Queen.
  7. (C)- Probably me, seeing how i’m more assertive and older. (A)- Uhh… both do. 

Creed Bradshaw (junior), Andrew Hollingsworth (senior), and Isaac Dekalb (junior) – The bromance:

  1. (D)- Isaac: he’s smaller than me, Creed: he’s less coordinated than myself. (C)- Favorite thing about Isaac is his Rasberry red manual Ford Focus. My least Favorite thing about Isaac is his cat Zoe. My favorite thing about Drew is Senora Hollingsworth. My least favorite thing about Drew is his dog Dobby.
  2. (D)- I’ve know both of them for a while, it only got serious about two years ago. (C)- I have known Isaac for 5 years, and Drew for a year and a half.
  3. (D)- That would be Isaac, his compact figure allows him to move around very well. (C)- I’m the best dancer…Genetics I guess.
  4. (D)- Probably Creed, he’s a baby. (C)- Drew
  5. (D)- Me. Mainly because I have my mom’s card. (C)- Drew, because his mom gives him money.
  6. (D)- Isaac and I’s first date was football weights. All of us went to Lin’s Chinese Kitchen in Logansport for our first date. (C)- Went to Lin’s Kitchen and ate a lot.
  7. (D)- Probably Creed, he’s a fella that knows what he wants. (C)- I normally wear the pants, Isaac always wears shorts, and Drew is more of a sweatpants kind of guy.