Black Friday is overrated

Black Friday is overrated

In just about every aspect possible, Black Friday is overrated. Not only does it disrupt the euphoric feeling after spending a quality day together as a family, it is starting to run more and more into Thanksgiving every year. Black Friday is slowly becoming Black Thursday, ruining a day that is meant to be spent with family, appreciating and being thankful for one another.

Not only does Black Friday disrupt Thanksgiving, it also is incredibly time consuming. Waiting in lines, being shoulder to shoulder against strangers…for only 50% off of a new blender? And even then, most people wouldn’t have bought the new blender if it hadn’t been on sale in the first place. Most of what Black Friday consists of is people spending more money than they have on things that they don’t even need to begin with.

Black Friday can also be extremely dangerous. In 2017, five people obtained very serious injuries while Black Friday shopping ranging from being stabbed to shot. And the list didn’t even include all of the broken bones caused by the senseless shoving of people who wanted to be the first to get in when a store opens. While it is not suggested that small children should be brought along to Black Friday shop, some parents bring theirs anyway. This puts the child at an even greater risk because they are smaller and not as easily seen from an adult’s perspective.

Sophomore Blake Sinks agreed, stating, “It is so much easier to shop online. When you shop online, they’re the same prices and it is so much easier than dealing with the timely, long lines.”

However, some people like the social aspect of Black Friday. If you are not afraid of crowds, chatting with people in line might be an enjoyable part of the Black Friday shopping experience. Also, some people find the thrill of getting up early or staying up late exhilarating and motivating.  

Sophomore Hannah Sherinian counteracted, “Black Friday gives you the benefit of seeing people you don’t usually see on a daily basis while competing with them to grab the first things you spot in stores. It is the all-American tradition after Thanksgiving!”

All in all, Black Friday is a waste of time and money. It is running more and more into Thanksgiving each year, disrupting a day that is meant to be focused on family and giving back. If you want to participate in Black Friday without waiting in long lines and dealing with angry shoppers, I suggest participating in Cyber Monday instead. You can get comparable deals to those on Black Friday without dealing with all of the external factors. And why is it that Black Friday is meant to be a day where money is saved but instead families spend more money on Black Friday than any other day of the year?