Things to do besides watch Netflix


As the days get longer and we have more sunlight, there are even less excuses to hide in the house and spend hours upon hours watching Netflix. Here are plenty of activities to keep you busy, instead of tv.

    • Take a walk
    • Go to the park
    • Lay in the grass
    • Have a picnic
    • Plant a garden
    • Water some flowers
    • Take a bike ride
    • Hike the Delphi trails
    • Turn on a sprinkler
  • Stay inside
    • Read a book
    • Bake some cookies
    • Talk to your family
    • Play word searches
    • Learn a new card game
    • Play an ancient board game
    • Color a superhero coloring page
    • Reorganize your room
  • Go into town
    • Invite your friends
    • Go bowling
    • Go to the mall
    • Have a fashion show
    • Eat ice cream
    • Go pet dogs and cats
    • Drive around the countryside

Going into the summer, we should enjoy the time we have until we return to studying. Try to explore even the simple treasures right around you. Even if you simply return to watching Netflix during the school year, at least you will have fun memories from the summer.