Ask Cole Rickels what the word for many possum is.

Ask Hannah Irelan about her battle wound.

Ask Colton Britton to name a country in South America.

Ask Mr. Tonsoni about Mrs. Tonsoni’s tats.

Ask Kolby Kinzie how to wear a helmet.

Ask Emilee Gear if adults wash their faces and her patch collection.

Ask JR Dyer how many fights he’s been in and General Zod.

Ask Colin Edging about his twin.

Ask Cole Pearson and Carly Resler about not getting a cupcake.

Ask Mr. Koning how far up he washes his face.

Ask Lacie Tomson about counting tardies.

Ask Mr. Kline what’s in the box.

Ask Ian Chapman about moosen.

Ask Clay Corbin about Gulf Shores.

Ask Seth Mesaros if he lifts

Ask Brody Little about reading Bliss.

Ask Mr. Schuller about his father-in-law’s great nephew.

Ask Mrs. Kreiling about her food stash.

Ask Trump supporters whyyyyy.

Ask Kate Layman about Grease Live.