Ask Colten Slifer about Morgan Fritz getting her license.

Ask Preston German about killing the wasp.

Ask Colton Britton about calling Chicago.

Ask Kaleb Kinsler what Miracle Gro is, but don’t ask him what sand is made of.

Ask Danielle Swayze if there are clouds in Mexico.

Ask YA Lit about the Yovani song.

Ask the English 12 AP class about the turtle.

Ask Madeline Hollingsworth about her Burberry scarf.

Ask the fall play cast about what happens at 8 o’clock.

Ask Xander Brown about escorting Kate Layman offstage.

Ask the school if they will buy more microwaves.

Ask Morgan Swick about Archimedes.

Ask English 11 AP about the ends justifying the means.

Ask Emily Humbarger about Per-nassus.

Ask Madi McSwain about her foot bleeding.

Don’t ask Hannah Irelan to draw a chicken leg.

Ask Daniel Jakes about his car on Halloween.

Ask Shannon Leahy about the ghost who likes cats.

Ask the cast of the fall play about superstitions.

Ask Luke Austin about breaking Ms. Doyle’s desk.

Ask Colin Edging what happened to his forehead.