Ask Ariel Wolfe about her duet with the Elsa toy.

Ask Mr. Zachery about the bidet.

Ask Whitney Goodman about EpiPens.

Ask Mr. Koning about Skechers.

Ask JR Dyer about his impeachment.

Ask Colin Edging about the stress level graph.

Ask Cole Rickels about banana muffins and Whoopi Goldberg.

Ask the boys’ soccer team about brushing each other’s teeth.

Ask Ms. Hamilton about the eggs.

Ask Hunter Mote about the egg accident in Physics class.

Don’t ask Mrs. Carpenter to play indoor soccer.

Ask Lauryn Nipple who gave the Gettysburg Address.

Ask Lacie Tomson what amniotic fluid is.

Ask Noah Abbott about his trip to Vegas.

Ask Bray McClain how it feels to be tackled by Lacie Tomson

Don’t ask Emilee Gear about movie facts.

Ask Miranda Edwards about the cannibalistic fish.

Ask Xander Brown about memorizing his lines.

Ask the cheer/dance team about tenemos espiritu.