Ask Coy Myers about his chicken stick.

Ask Addie Mann about her black eye.

Ask Braden Smith about his hair.

Ask Carol Johnson and Daniel Jakes about Taylor Swift.

Ask Nathan Heffley about population control.

Ask Mr. Clark about the girls’ soccer team theme song.

Ask the U.S. history class editors about the definition of integrity.

Ask Mr. T about his table’s sturdiness.

Ask Ashlea Stanley about saying solid.

Ask Kayne Mundell about different ways of looking at this.

Ask Mrs. T about why you should go to college.

Ask Emilee Gear about the epitome of evil.

Ask Kaleb Kinsler about suing Noble Romans.

Ask Cassie Hanna about twerking with Grandma Peggy.

Ask Colton Britton about his Pizza Hut outfit.

Ask Lacie Tomson about leg holds.

Ask Hannah Irelan about celebrity birthdays.

Ask Madi McSwain about the fire extinguisher.

Ask Nick Houser about McDonald’s.