Diet and exercise tips for your spring break body

Emily Hudson and Kristina Powlen

Kristina Powlen, Staff writer

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Spring break is the perfect time to relax. The freedom and excitement of not having assignments or worrying about tests is beyond words. But, as the weather turns warmer there is always one thing many of us do start to worry about—our physical image. Are we ready to break out those shorts and swimming suits?

Everyone talks about getting that spring break bod, but what exactly is the ideal spring break bod? How do you get one of those? You can’t copy and paste a six pack or a 32” waist on yourself, so what can you do?

Senior Sarah Rohrer, exercise enthusiast, has some excellent advice for all of those who aspire to have a leaner, healthier body. Sarah recommends starting off small. She uses the example, “A weightlifter isn’t automatically going to be able to lift 350 pounds, he has to build up to it. It’s the same way with exercising, you have to build up to it.” Sarah also recommends that when exercising, do something that you find fun. Run, dance, walk, swim—just make sure to get your blood pumping. Furthermore,  Sarah stated, “You can’t just focus on one area either. You can’t do a full week of abs and the next week a full week of leg exercises.” Your body is unpredictable, so you have to exercise in all areas because fat from a certain area isn’t just going to disappear if you exercise that one specific area; rather, your whole body will lose fat. As for diet, Sarah recommends that if you want to see a change in your outer appearance, increase your water intake. Ultimately, the best bet is to exercise, eat healthy foods, and drink lots of water.

The most frustrating thing about beginning an exercise program is being patient. We all want results now. Be patient. “The rule of thumb is that in two weeks, you’ll notice, in four weeks, the world will notice.” So start now! There is roughly two weeks until spring break and if you exercise every day, you’ll start to see a change and feel more comfortable and confident in yourself already.  But Sarah specifically wants to remind everyone that “we’re all human. You’re not going to ever look like someone else.” Strive to be the healthiest you you can be.

Now, once you get that healthy body, what are you going to wear to show it off? Fashion is another important aspect of spring break. But where to find the perfect “flowy shirt’ and the perfect bathing suit? You know there is only place to go: TARGET, of course.