Circle family celebrates momentous occasion

The Circle family celebrated a lot of momentous occasions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mrs. Circle’s youngest daughter, Ensley, graduated high school; her middle child graduated from Purdue nursing school and is doing her residency in Charlotte, North Carolina; and her oldest daughter got married. All at once the Circle family was going through these monumental life steps at a time where taking these steps in life was more difficult than normal. The Circle wedding almost didn’t happen, but the venue (Delphi Opera House) opened up the Monday prior. Circle’s middle child did not have a graduation for Purdue, and Ensley missed out on a lot of high school experiences such as prom, her senior solo at the choir concert, and her relatives not being able to attend her graduation. It can definitely be said that this was an emotional time for the Circle family. Mrs. Circle stated, “It is definitely strange because all three of my children left this summer, so our house is empty. I am glad school went in person because I can still be surrounded by young adults all day. It’s like having children still.”