Podcasts becoming popular among younger gernerations


Noah Gottshall is one of the many students at DCHS who listens to podcasts.

Ava Charnley, Staff writer

Podcasts. The word that seems to be picking up some momentum in our everyday lives. So, what really is a podcast? A podcast is a series of digital audio podcasts that users can download and listen to. They have become a popular way for people to be educated and entertained. There is no license needed to make content like there is for a radio broadcast. It is also not regulated by the government, which means that just about any kind of content is acceptable. And until recently, you did not need to worry about those pesky advertisements. Unfortunately, many podcasting apps have started adding advertisements in between the podcasts. 

The podcast that we know and love today has come a long way. There was something similar to podcasts back in the 1980s, but they didn’t start picking up until 2004. We have to thank David Winer, a software developer, and Adam Curry, a former MTV video jockey. Curry originally wrote a program called iPodder and with time and the help of some other programs, we now have the modern podcasts as we know them. The term podcasting was first used by Ben Hammersley in a newspaper article in the The Guardian called Audible revolution. Then President Bush gave his weekly address using a podcast. Steve Jobs even showed how to make a podcast using GarageBand. All of these things have led up to the podcasts that we all love to listen to today. 

Slowly, as podcasts continue to grow and cater to different types of people, teenagers are beginning to show an interest. Even some of the students at DCHS are starting to tune in. “I listen to the Office Ladies podcast, a podcast hosted by two actresses from the show The Office,” said sophomore Evan Toby. “I like listening because I learn behind the scenes information that has not been revealed and it is very fun to listen to them.” Other students at DCHS like something completely different. “I listen to the Jordan B. Peterson podcast and The Joe Rogan Experience, said Nick Roberson. “I enjoy listening to podcasts because the discussions are free-flowing and unscripted. Podcasts have no script to follow, fully allowing intellectual discussion or civil discourse that expand the human mind,” said Nick.  

While podcasts are just beginning to catch on with the teenage audience, many adults listen, including many DCHS teachers.  “I frequently listen to murder mystery podcasts,” said Miss Nacke. “ I like how they tell the story and slowly unravel the mystery behind the person who is drawn to murder. I have learned so much (maybe too much?) about serial killers not only in America but across the world.” 

With the wide variety of topics covered on podcasts, it is almost impossible not to find something enjoyable to listen to. From religion to philosophy, healthcare to law and order, politics to life hacks, and stand-up comedy to people talking about their everyday lives, there is definitely something for everyone. As Nick said, it is a new and convenient way to get information, and because of this, many teenagers and adults alike have been more inclined to tune in to podcasts. I urge you to take a shot at a podcast that sounds interesting. Learn something new, hear something you have never heard before, and keep an open mind.


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